fancy christmas happenings.

months ago, i purchased tickets to the nutcracker for us - it's an experience that i had been wanting to have for years. we ate beforehand & gave ourselves almost 2 hours to travel from provo to salt lake, making sure we could chat and take it all in. unfortunately for us, traffic was horrifically bad that night, all of the parking garages were full, and so we bustled in, completely late and flustered. it only took minutes, however, for the stress to melt off - and i almost forgot how much my feet hurt from running in heels. ;)

i was captivated by the entire performance, even more so that i was expecting. everything dazzled - the costumes, the music, the dancing. there were a few times when i realized that my mouth, quite literally, was hanging wide open. (to be honest though, this happens a lot in normal life. i have a really relaxed jaw or something, ha!) i was entranced, the entire two hours - and capitol theater is 100% regal. it was magic all around :)

last weekend, we hosted a black-tie dinner party. (note to myself: next year maybe don't throw this party in the middle of 3 school projects and studying for finals...just a thought.) 

you guys, parties are a lot of work! prepping food, decorating, buying everything, setting it all up, coordinating 14 other schedules and hoping that everyone remembers to come + dress up + bring their white elephant, and has a fabulous time. hats off to our party-throwing friends. man alive! 

it was fun to see it all come together, though - i was even pleased with our cute little paper plate set up. (don't tell my grandma i didn't use china. she would be mortified!) we have some really fabulous friends, and i had one of those moments mid-meal where the thought flew through my mind - "you are really lucky. look at all of these people you love in the same room." and it's true. everyone looked top notch, white elephant was a kick, the food was exactly as delicious as i had hoped. it was a classy night with classy people.

also, hello finals week! (my prayers go out to everyone experiencing the horror.) i am four deep, with one to go. (that should be a breeze, so i'm essentially done. i have been celebrating with gilmore girls and pinning by the hundreds, so sorry to anyone who follows me for clogging up your feed.) the relief has yet to sink in, but it will. 

and this is the best news of all: we have 0% of anything planned friday or saturday. zero percent! i think it's been at least a year since we have had a weekend void of any calendar items. NONE. what are we going to do? sleep in, watch movies, maybe build a fort if we're feeling ambitious, and drink egg nog out of our waterbottles. maybe order pizza? who knows. but GO FIGHT WIN for anyone still finishing finals, and bring on christmas break! 


  1. ahhh sounds like so much fun! ballet is amazing (especially the nutcracker). Good luck with finals! You're so close to being done! I have two more still. wooohooo. Also, I swear that brunette girl in your party picture is my visiting teaching companion, haha.

    1. is it kaitlin scavo? if so, you live crazy close to me!

  2. i go to the nutcracker every year with my mom and sister-it's so wonderful, isn't it? that party looks like fun-and of course, good luck on your finals!

  3. a) I love love love the Nutcracker. Such a classic. b) fun party! I can't even imagine putting that together.. props! c) Good luck with your last final! oh and i really recommend the fort idea. with Christmas lights. and pizza. always pizza.

    d) Excited to be following along:)

  4. i can't believe you saw the nutcracker! that's so christmas-perfect, i love it! you're so cute. i love that you had a black tie christmas party, that would be so much fun. any excuse to dress up & have a party is fun. it all looked so good too.

    good luck with all of your finals! i'm sure you'll blow them away :)

  5. hey i live there!!!!! hahaha okay we are connected is so many funny ways!

    xoxo, kiely

  6. nutcracker sounds amazing!! and you are beautiful! what a fun little party! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR LAST FINAL!

  7. Egg nog out of your water bottles (insert laughing cry face emoji here). gosh, i remember what a good feelign it was to be *almost* done with finals, although, not mad that I'm done with that either! you're pretty and I like your blogs :)

  8. I LOVE The Nutcracker. I was a ballerina all my life so I'm totally obsessed and go every year but didn't have time this year--glad you enjoyed it!!

  9. The nutcracker is the BEST! I'm jealous you get to go this year! Woohooo yay for finals being oveeeeer!

  10. Looks like a lovely party, and no shame about the paper plate set-up. I would've totally done the same thing, - HA! Also I haven't been to the Nutcracker in so many years and would looove to go, but I'm not confident my hubby would feel the same unfortunately. I might have to drag him there next year anyway!


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