it's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

they always DECK out the lobbies at my work, it's so festive! (however, that tree on the right? i had to string the christmas lights on it - and i really almost lost my christmas spirit in the process. i was swearing and sweating and i'm pretty sure i broke a strand. my bad.) i have a new appreciation for anyone who doesn't buy a pre-lit tree. respect.

we got a last minute call from some friends with extra christmas devotional tickets, lucky ducks! of all the festive things we have done & will do this christmas, i don't think this one can be topped. it was pure magic. (also, motab's "the first noel" will make you cry and give you chills. i swear it.)

um, excuse my mid-laugh psychopath picture up there. after the devotional, we met up with some family at the tree of life in draper. it was honestly way better than i had expected! it sparkles like the eiffel tower light show - and the whole park, all of the lights, the excited crowds - it was all warm fuzzy material. 

how cute is our little christmas tree?! i know it's tiny, but that makes it all the more adorable to me.  (side note: my mother in law gifted us a golden gate bridge ornament last year, because we honeymooned there - and this year she gave us an nyc taxi since we took our anniversary trip there. little does she know how ironic is is to have both new york and san fran represented on our tree. ha!) we put up our stockings on the windowsill, the garland is still lit around the window, and i talked jordan into hanging some lights across the ceiling. now our entire living room is festive. i love waking up to the glow of christmas lights dancing in. i can't even handle the coziness.

and let's finish off with a few selfies, one featuring in n out. because, duh. 


  1. I went to the tree of life tree this weekend too! It was so beautiful!!

  2. I literally started laughing out loud that you were swearing and sweating while stringing the lights! haha you are hilarious!


  3. The tree of life!!! I want to go to that. Also pre-lit trees all the way. Anything else = not worth it. I commend you for putting together a non pre-lit one.

  4. i would've sworn too girl!! you're too funny! in-n-out is da bombbbbb. i'm from the san francisco area, it's a nice city :)

    xoxo, kiely

  5. haha i love the in n out picture, & it's really making me want a burger from there..... that picture of you guys & the tree is adorable. you two are great.

  6. I so wish I could have gone to the christmas devotional in person! LUCKY! also, we are going to the tree next week and I will have to take that exact picture. because you nailed it! hahaha
    and i love how much you love in n out. next girls night? ;)

    1. Next week?? I'm gonna need in n out because finals and stress and stuff :)

  7. Haha looks like a great weekend! I need to make it to that tree before Christmas. It looks amazing!


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