last of november.

>>> we went to a pre-screening of mockingjay a few weeks ago, and then got to see it once more over break. i feel like catching fire will always be my favorite of the series - but mockingjay was super well done! also, team gale forever. and ever. 

>>> we started the "serial" podcast on our drive back from boise, and guys, I CAN'T STOP. we are addicted! (it's essentially un-earthing a poorly executed murder case from 1999, delving into the sketchy details week by week.) i've been reading articles upon articles about adnon and jay and the case appeal that's currently underway. if you haven't listened already, get on it. i love podcasts & this may be the best one yet. 

>>>  while in boise, i snuck away to have dessert with one of jordan's friends from high school, who is quickly becoming my current obsession. i love when you can talk with people for hours and not even be aware that the time is passing - i can almost hear an audible "click" into place whenever we hang out. friendship is just the greatest, and i wish she lived closer. (and the picture of us is the one with 2 old-lady photobombers in the back. HAHA.)

>>> one of the books i read over thanksgiving break was sophia amoruso's #GIRLBOSS. although i have approximately zero percent interest in being an entrepreneur, the book was really motivating in other ways. she talks a lot about how your positive attitude plays in to your success - that positive thoughts will bring about positive results. i especially love the idea that we should have the strength to throw away anything detrimental to our success. i am so not good at this. i obsess over things gone wrong, relationships that have faded, mistakes i've made, the "could have been's." but having the fortitude to say 'oh, well' forget about it, and move forward with the things that have gone right - i think that would serve us all well. i also love her raw motivation - she is unapologetically herself - i want to be more like that. 

>>> other girlfriend adventures this month included: a) an afternoon at the bijou market with some cute mama's and cute babies. and b) jordan went to a jazz game last week, so some girlfriends abandoned their nights to meet me downtown and gush about boys and marriage over cheesecake factory fried mac n cheese. (you guys - this fried mac n cheese. it is a game changer. and just fyi - goodwood bbq, buffalo wild wings, and corner bakery cafe all whip up a mean bowl of cheesy goodness, too!)

>>> i have been rocking the greasy top-knot a lot these days. (i blame it on dry shampoo. it just works so darn well. the bottle talks to me, it tells me i can make it one more day without washing my hair. seriously.) i tried out the"half-up top knot" a few times, and it somehow got named "mulan hair." i love getting snapchats from friends now, captioned, "mulan hair today!" i don't know. this makes me happy. 

>>> i had some wonderfully deep conversations with my mother in law last week while we cooked. (well, she cooked and i did what she instructed me to do.) she told me the entire story of her brother's death over a pot of  boiling mashed potatoes, and we were hugging with misty eyes by the time the story was over.  it was one of those "click" moments. anyway, i confided in her my lack of maternal skills and fear that the "mother" is not in my make-up. now - caryn is like, mother of the year. her entire life revolves around her kids, all while juggling a lot of community involvement. she never misses a volleyball game or an opportunity to teach her kids. she told me that for years, she wasn't even sure if she wanted children at all. her, not wanting kids? i was floored. it was a tender mercy though, and something i needed to hear. if she didn't even desire kids at one point, and then totally tapped into her motherly instincts, there's no reason i can't do the same. ya know?

>>> other happy things this month included some lingering fall weather, smart cookie, birthday dinners with friends, and so much spotify christmas music. so much. we're only 3 days into december, but it's already pretty grand. december, you're all right. let's do this!


  1. so fun! I really want to start that podcast now. also i'm mad at us for not taking a picture when we got together a few weeks ago! and also #2, you look amazing in that last picture! so pretty!
    totally feel you about those maternal fears though! skdfjhklsdj another conversation for another day! xoxo

  2. I just love you. Seriously about the time passing that night though; I thought for sure I wouldn't make it past like 9:15 then somehow it was 11, what? Hopefully we can see you guys again sometime soon!

  3. Bottom left pic....hooooooly smokin' babes!

  4. a couple things:
    mulan hair is amazing and yours is the best around. teach me your ways.
    love the christmas-y vibe in all these pics.
    you are looking at another serial addict. this week break has been torture and i CANNOT to listen to the new episode tomorrow. have you read all the blog posts on their website?

  5. I cannot wait to start Serial AND you also made me want to read #GIRLBOSS! I could benefit from her, I think. xoxo

  6. Will the Serial podcast give me nightmares? I keep seeing people post about it!
    &&&& November looks great on you.

    1. i'm super sensitive to anything scary - and although at times the podcast is a little unsettling or creepy, it's definitely not nightmare material!

  7. You are seriously the cutest! So happy I came across your blog!


  8. Okay, I'm putting girlboss on my list.


  9. "the bottle talks to me" hahaha! i feel ya sista!

    xoxo, kiely

  10. i always go for the top knot... it's totally okay!
    your november looks like it was fun :)


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