merry christmas, darlings.

warning. picture overload. 

>> a few weeks ago we went to a christmas dinner at rodizio grill for a "sort of" internship jordan did for a private equity firm. he didn't work much with them, just a few projects here and there, but they insisted we come to the party. (keep in mind, this firm is still a start-up. nobody is making any money yet.) it was so generous to have us even attend the dinner - and then they doled out the christmas gifts. i was in tears as i opened it in the car ride home. they were over-the-top generous and i was incredibly touched. this gift came out of someone's pocket, but it was important enough for them to make that sacrifice so that we could feel important. that kind of christmas cheer, the kind that makes your chest feel warm and a big lump form in your throat, it's very sacred to me. 

>> i had to work today, and so we spent the weekend in provo, where it was completely deserted and absolutely cozy. i've talked before about being alone in places that you can't usually be alone, but there is something so wickedly thrilling about it. walking outside our door to hear nothing but the rain pittering on the street - not a car engine or a loud 19 year old to be heard, that was pure magic. we took a walk around center street on saturday night & the whole ordeal was perfectly cozy, just us two breathing in the cold, after rain smell and singing christmas songs to each other. i think we saw 2 other people the entire time. bliss bliss bliss.

>> on friday night, one of my best girlfriends got engaged to her adorable boyfriend. since she lives in alaska, we decided to all join forces and group skype her after the ring was on. not only was being altogether the bomb, it was being altogether and participating in that exhilarating energy that we could feel through the tv screen. love is the greatest, & that night was so much happy. 

>> i spent an evening at xtend barre, and i loved the way all of the christmas lights twinkled in the studio. since the studio is almost entirely windows, it felt like we were working out in christmas-land.

>> can we talk about how glorious our saturday was? i took 2 naps, we watched a lot of scandal and christmas movies, ate in n out for lunch, ordered a late-night pizza, moved our mattress in the living room so we could sleep underneath the christmas lights, and cuddled. so much cuddling. it was the laziest either of us have been in ages and it was 100% worth it. 

>> we finished "miracle on 34th street" last night, & the little girl is so cute I COULD DIE. if you haven't seen it, go watch immediately. it is seriously up there with home alone and elf - THAT good! (it was technically my first time watching it, since the literal first time was the night jordan and i kissed for the first time 3 years not much movie was watched. *insert creepy winking face*)

>> as it is now tradition, we self-timered a little christmas card this weekend. (we decided to go with a kissing shot because i hadn't put on makeup. oopsie.) merry christmas, friends!


  1. i used to do ballet and have been wanting to try xtend barre! do you go a lot? how is it? you're probably beast at it. i love your card, so adorable!

    xo, k

  2. Kiely- same! We should all go together! I really want to do Xtend barre- I have tried something similar before but it was just with UVU's dance team when I was on it with a private teachers- so i am sure it is a little different. Lets do it!!

  3. I love these shots! It's getting me excited to Christmas!!!
    Melanie @

  4. Ha I realize everyone has already asked how xtend barre is...but seriously, how was it?? Hah I hear craaaazy things about those classes! Also, I love provo when it's deserted too! It has this eerie/magical feel to it

  5. just found your blog, you are adorable.
    bailey @

  6. I love this picture overload! And I'm sooo excited Shannon is engaged! How fun that you got to skype her :) And most of all, miracle on 34th street is my favorite. Merry Christmas!

  7. I just found your blog, and I love this post. It sounds like you guys have had a wonderful week!
    - I also love when all the crowds clear out and you can be alone in places that are usually really crazy and busy. There's just something sorta magical about it.

  8. Oh I love that white tree!! I hope you had a very merry Christmas ! xxo


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