our picture wall / giveaway!

when jordan and i got our first apartment, i was a little lost when it came to finding my decorating style - however, i knew i wanted a picture wall. i had seen them floating around pinterest, and i loved the idea of a wall of memories, of pretty things, of meaningful images, all jumbled up in one space.

& so our picture wall was born - our first apartment had a collage of wedding pictures, a few favorite quotes, and our parent's engagement pictures. (because i just love that '80's hair too much.) i took some pictures down, and put more up - a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge that we got in san fran, a vintage map from a flea market in hawaii, my very favorite engagement shot, blown up and put in a giant white frame. we've continued to make additions over the years, & it's really taken it's own personality. the wall IS part of our family now. i'm proud of it, can you tell?

now that the picture wall is over 2 years in the making, i've streamlined it a little bit. (mostly white frames, only  images that speaks to our style, etc etc.) it's actually a little window display into our lives - i have painted a few pieces up there, they are reminiscent of our travels, our dreams, our mantras.

the picture wall is my decorating "baby" so to speak, and it's the first thing people notice when they walk in our door. i've made this comparison before - but my decorating style is kind of like my life. a little random, but overall - it's beautiful.

is it weird to be this obsessed with a wall in your apartment? probably. but the pictures and prints that i put up need to be beautiful and representative of me.

anyway, my good friend ashley makes prints over at the crooked nook, and i've ordered my fair share of her shop. her prints really speak to my simple, but catchy taste. (also, shameless friend plug: go to her blog  to see pictures of the cutest twin boys on planet earth. i love you, max & ollie! and... this is completely off topic, but ashley has the most beautiful, sun-bathed, hardwood floored apartment in downtown salt lake. it's not even fair.)

the prints are creative, super cute, and customize-able - win, win, win! here's my collection:

darling, am i right?? i custom-made the one on the bottom, drawing inspiration from pinterest. (i am still finding the perfect frames/home on the wall for each print. christmas and finals, ya know?) 

anyway, among besides the cutest mom and most hilarious friend - ashley is also super generous. she's giving away one of her prints!!

 just go ahead and follow her instargam - @thecrookednook, and then comment below with your favorite print - or your idea for a custom one! (you can take a peek at her shop here.)  you can also use the coupon code KAYLA for 10% off orders until sunday, & we will also pick a winner sunday. wahoo! thanks, ashley! 


  1. I love your gallery wall! Someday, when I have a hallway, I'll have one, too ;)

    And wow, her shop has so many cute prints! I like the "throw kindness around like confetti," the arrows, the multi-color triangles, and custom wreath ones.

  2. I didn't know you knew Ashley! She is the cutest. Loving your wall!

    1. yeah, ashley is a good friend from utah state :) love this small world!

  3. Oh my, your wall is seriously the cutest! I love how big it is. Most I see are on the smaller side, but I LOVE the idea of using the whole wall!

  4. your photo wall is perfect. i'm obsessed with photo walls, we had one in both of the places we lived before moving to my moms house & then to madrid, & i'm toying with the idea of making one in madrid. they are so easy & add so much life to a home! i don't think you're crazy to be so proud, it's hard to make a good one & yours is good!
    your friends prints are SO cute, what a fun giveaway! if i didn't live so far, i'd definitely be entering :)

  5. so adorable! i can't wait for isaac and i to get married already so i can decorate an apartment! i think that might be one of the things i am looking forward to the most!! her prints are absolutely darling!

    xoxo, kiely

  6. okay 1, your wall is perfection. i can't wait for a house one day to fill up the walls and not worry about taking them down when we move all the time! 2, this shop is darling! i entered and love the pineapple print!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  7. I love the watercolor feather print. Want want want.

  8. followed. i'm obsessed with the floral mumford and sons print. too cute!
    love love love your wall!

  9. wall looks good! i like the feather print and the colorful triangles!!

  10. That wall!! I'm a sucker for picture, collage-type things! I love the "throw kindess around like confetti". So cute!! Actually, I really love them all soooo..

  11. You're a babe-thank you!! also, your photo wall is perfection. and max & ollie love and miss you!! xoxo

  12. thank you for introducing me to her blog so now i have another one to read on the daily. also, i'm going to show up at your apt one of these days to see that wall with my own eyes bc it's amazing. love the variety of sizes!
    and her colorful zebra print is amazing and it's happening.
    happy friday kayla!


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