a quick trip to colorado.

last thursday, my family drove down from boise and picked me up in salt lake so we could head home to colorado! our first stop in fort collins was obviously pizza. (beau jo's - best crust, hands down.)

my baby sister and i shared a room so that we could cuddle and watch disney channel on the ipad at night. (i woke up one morning to find her literally hooked on to me like a monkey and snoring. also, next week we can have a 3 sister sleepover. ashlyn is almost home!) it was all good family bonding time. 

cindy's funeral was tasteful, and very emotional. (a three hour nap afterwards didn't do it for me. crying just sucks it all out of you.) danielle has been so classy and so strong and so poised through this entire ordeal. i have been blown away by the way she has handled this and have a new found respect for her - what a woman! watching my dad be a pallbearer was especially sweet, too.

as is expected, this whole weekend draws into focus a few specific questions: am i living my life the way i want to? am i running myself ragged to become the person i want to be? am i really taking advantage of all i have? do i fully appreciate jordan & my family? i am re-motivated to exhaust my life of all it's happiness, and all it's worth. 

we ended the trip with some cinnamon roll french toast (literally a dream come true for me) and a quick drive-by of the new fort collins temple. it was a whirlwind and i was so glad to be back in jordan's arms - but so grateful for the opportunity to stand by good friends and be reminded of how wonderful this life really is. 


  1. that is exciting that your sister is coming home soon! And special that you could be there for your friend. hope i can see you soon!

    xo, k

  2. Your friend is so brave! And sooo exciting about your sister! i'm so jealous...


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