first and foremost - we are SENIORS! technically even seniors and a half, because after this semester we only have 6 credits left. i can't believe the day has come. (and i can't believe this is the only time we've done "first day of school" photos.) also, fab cheetah crutches. 

i was a little apprehensive about posting this picture (hi, morning face and no makeup) but i received some really positive feedback in the form of facebook comments and texts. hooray for building each other up! check out the article here.

mindy kaling, i have a FAT girl crush on you. 

this picture is from december - but look at that fog! dreeeeamy. 

a saturday spent carb-loading with my best girls. we spent lunch making a "grown up list" of all the things we should do now that we're in our mid-twenties. (get insurance, make budgets, not sleeping in until noon, & generally not act like 15 year olds. you know, adult stuff.)

don't mind us, just becoming regulars at the hospital. jordan had an inflamed lung a few weeks ago, but when we walked in to the doctor's they all looked at ME with the crutches and asked what they could do. HAHA. i taught sunday school that day, and crutched/hobbled in husband-less, explaining that jordan was at insta-care. i think like 4 people offered to bring us dinner that day. (we are usually not this big of a crisis!)

59 degrees last sunday say what?? the utah weather has been killing it lately! being able to limp around outside a few times has been HUGE for my cabin fever. and yes, i have been taking my boot off, contrary to my doctors orders. #rebellife

we took advantage of MLK day and did a quick puppy barn/lunch date with some good friends. guys, i am not an animal person. i have never had much of an affinity towards cats or dogs, and i certainly don't get attached to them. (eeee don't hate me! my poor husband, he's like an animal whisperer and i doubt we will ever have pets.) but those puppies melted my black heart! they were SO snuggly and jumped up for you as soon as you set them down - my heart was in a puddle on the floor by the time we left. we picked our favorite black puppy, named him, and vowed to come back and buy him. (except then he pooped right as we left and i was quickly reminded of a reason i don't like animals - they stink! so sorry houston, i changed my mind.) however - we will be back for you, puppy barn. thanks for the recommendation, kiely!

we have spent a lot of evenings in this month, since most physical activity is not in my cards. we've watched a few documentaries and started the office, (i'm an office virgin, can you believe it? it's so funny!) we've cooked a little more and i've been picking up my paints. it's been slow and calm and perfect.

a few other great things:

>> i started hauling my bum leg to the gym! it's been so great to finally feel some endorphins moving around my body and i could do a gentle squat yesterday. maybe this sounds minuscule and maybe i sound like a tool bag, but exercise. i have missed it so much, it feels so good to be moving again!

>> we got a raclette for christmas. (i didn't know what it was either, but it's this cool thing.) we have already had people over several times to grill steak and shrimp - and jordan's been a little chef, whipping up sauces from scratch and rubs for the meat. the raclette is like his baby, and it's really fun to watch him develop a talent for cooking. (since heaven knows i will never be the cook of this family.)

>> we've gotten all of our friends hooked on our favorite card game, canadian salad. if you love card games, it's a must! 


  1. YESSSSSS. i'm so glad you are finally watching the office. i have been bugging Jordan to finish it since before he got home from his mission. it is seriously so good. i read through a buzzfeed post yesterday of just random office things and i was dying. you definitely won't regret binge-watching it.

  2. ah! the puppy on the top looks like sheila without the black over the eyes (insert heart eye emoji here) get her, you won't regret it ;)

  3. K I had a black heart just like you. Pets would NEVER be in my future. My husband ended up catching me in a weak moment and we ended up with kacee. I have been changed forever. Now I'm that crazy dog person who stops to pet every dog i see! So Jordan, don't give up hope just yet ;) also, we are huge card players, you may just have to do a post on the rules of that game!

  4. your crutches are amazing, i love the cheetah! haha yaaaaay for almost being done with school! isn't it a HUGE relief!? & you seriously are so beautiful without makeup, i loved that post, your article was so good, seriously you amaze me. & ya, that cute little number in the last picture is adorable.

  5. 1. girl, as soon as we left the gym that day we saw you, isaac turns to me and goes, "i'm glad you don't have a broken ankle, you're grumpy when you don't exercise." hahahaha so i totally get what you mean! exercise is such an important part of my day!

    2. your cheetah crutches are adorable

    3. i'm so glad you went to the puppy barn!!!!

    4. i hope we can get together soon!!! :)

    xo, k


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