simplify & magnify.

man, i love myself a fresh start. my favorite time to set new goals is in sync with the new school year, but a brand new year is a close second. everyone rallies around and posts all of these inspiring ideas about making your life better - and although a lot of those goals will be forgotten by the second week of january, i still think it's hopeful. people trying to improve themselves, even if they don't succeed, is a powerful thing. it's motivating.

i saw "simplify and magnify" on pinterest i think, and i wrote it in the notes in my phone to be revisited. although i like to make specific goals, i also like the idea of trying out a theme for the year. i want that to be it: simplify & magnify. i wish to cut the excess from my life and focus on what's most important to me - the gospel, my marriage, relationships that uplift me, and succeeding in my school & work life. my other, more definitive goals are as follows:

>> slow. the. heck. down. i'm a little forced into doing this right now, seeing as that i can't so much as walk by myself. take one thing at a time, and stop cramming so much into one day. spread it out. relax a little, and learn to say no in order to fully commit yourself to things worth saying yes to.

>> stop comparing yourself - to your husband, to your friends, to girls on the internet that seem to have it all together, travel like it's their job, and go on 4-5 photograph-able outings per week. be happy for other people's success and be grateful for your wonderful life. it's enough, and it's perfect for you.

>> worry more about being kind than having lots of friends or being "in" with everyone. friendships fade, kindness does not. words are powerful - choose only the best when talking to others.

>> focus on turning hardships into learning experiences. don't stay in the "why is this happening to me" phase for very long before twisting it into a positive way to become stronger, more courageous, more confident, and more experienced. stars can't shine without darkness, right?

>> be loyal. (this is one of my favorite traits about my husband and i want to mirror it.) don't let bad words be said about people you love, especially not from yourself. support them fiercely, in everything they do.

>> don't be afraid to cut people out. oh i just used to roll my eyes as people that preached  "let go of those that hold you back." i had never really experienced "mean girls" outside of middle school until this year - and i thought that any relationship was worth the price. if it wasn't working, you were always to blame. everyone has so much good in them, and i still believe that. but this year, i was nearly forced to fade some people out, because their actions were poison to my life. it's still hard, to this day. but sometimes it's not your fault that other people are mean. you just have to let go and move on to positive things - trying to fix it only robs you of more happiness. this was probably the biggest lesson i learned this year - and it was a tough one. you really are the company you keep - and "simplifying" by letting some people fade has allowed me to "magnify" the good relationships i am blessed to have.

>> work harder at cultivating a beautiful spirit. be more in tune with others, think beautiful thoughts, have a forgiving attitude, be a "can-do" person. find the gold in people, be a class-a sympathizer, do things out of intent and not out of habit. basically, be a better person. "be as you wish to seem."

>> & the goal i make every year - try a little harder. be a little better. work a little longer, give a little more effort. have a little more courage, be a little more positive. have a little more fun. fall a little more in love with life.

aaaand, now for a quick recap of last year:

i know i know, it's january 6th and doing a year in review should bring me like, bad karma or something. but i just need to take a second and be thankful - we traveled to san francisco, portland, new york city, mexico and the caribbean, and (for just me) alaska. we camped, we hiked, we went boating and biking and to concerts.we made new friends, i ran a half marathon, we were both awarded scholarships for this school year. we sent jordan's sister on a mission. i worked at ksl and had THE most incredible time. we survived (barely) investment banking recruiting and jordan got a great offer with citi bank. we celebrated 2 amazing years as bff's. we celebrated birthdays and christmas a ridiculous amount, and spent the last day of 2014 cheering on boise state to win their 3rd fiesta bowl in arizona. (we also went to school and worked somewhere in there, ha!) it was full of beautiful experiences - and i can't wait to see what 2015 will bring us. (a move to san francisco and graduation is this i have a feeling it will be pretty great.)


  1. seriously you inspire me every post. I love your "loyal" goal. my husband is SO good about that too. and the comparing thing? i need work on that too! xoxoxo love you!

  2. your goals are amazing. seriously. you are amazing. & don't compare yourself!! it's hard to get caught up in that business but you are seriously so great, so don't even think about comparing! please? haha xoxo

  3. Simplify and magnify... Love that. I know what you mean about having to cut toxic relationships out of life! I didn't really 'get that' until recently. Yes, I agree with you that everyone has good in them and has potential and should be treated with kindness, but I also believe that some relationships are unhealthy and have to be ended, sadly. Be it with coworkers, friends, etc. Anyway I pretty much think you are an amazing person and am always inspired by your posts!

  4. You seriously have a way with words.

    Oh and you totally traveled to 6 places last year and I'm like "man this girl travels like its her job!" ;) haha jk

    You worked at KSL? I WORK at KSL! But you don't work there anymore? Haha

    I love reflecting on the new year and it may be cliche but it's fun to see others do the same:)

    1. aubrey, i was a summer intern for studio 5! where do you work at ksl?? i love it there!!

    2. That is sweet!! I work in customer service for! Seriously best job I've ever had! It soooo rocks!!

  5. Ahh! I love all of your goals. So many good ones. I KNOW you will accomplish all of them!



  6. Kayla, I love how positive you are and how your goals are all helping you continue being that way. It's so awesome. Also your line in the comparing paragraph " grateful for your wonderful life. it's enough, and it's perfect for you." Seriously, I'm going to put it on a plaque or something.

  7. You are an inspiration to me! I absolutely love the idea of having a theme for the year and simplify, magnify sounds perfect.

  8. that first picture is excellente. and i love your goals, they just speak to me, i can relate to them so well! i've never been much of a new years resolution person but last year i tried it for the first time and it actually worked for me! just trying to focus and set goals i think is so helpful.

  9. also, you're moving to San Francisco which is amazing

  10. I love this post! I love how your goals are really meaningful things - not that the typical goals of getting organized or losing weight aren't meaningful. Because they are in their own way. But i feel like your goals are about developing your character as a person. And I really admire that.

  11. i love your cute blog!! I feel ya though, weeding people out of your life is hard, it's such a weird realization, and i feel like it mostly happens in this phase of life. So worth it in the end though, the people that matter most are there and that's all that really matters!

  12. I totally agree with you on comparing yourself to others. It's just toxic, but it's so hard not to do it sometimes.

  13. you're the best. seriously, i loved this all.


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