taking stock 06.

loving: the new issue of “be wise” that went live last sunday. (check it out HERE!!) inner and outer beauty is a subject that i am super passionate about – and i am so pleased with the way this issue turned out. the positive message is just shining in this one, and i’m really proud of my features. (the above pictures were featured as part of our “i love my _____” campaign, and i love my laugh lines!)

working: on meditating for 15 minutes each day, to clear my mind and keep me more focused. ok, meditation is hard!! what the? my mind works at approximately 10,000 mph and getting it to go blank, even for 5 seconds at a time, is a real challenge. even if i can’t technically do it right, just sitting for a few minutes, letting my heart rate come down, and closing my eyes has left me feeling refreshed.

cooking: homemade swig suger cookies for a few colleagues that are leaving this week. the recipe is on point, and can be found here.

reading: “mrs. kennedy: the missing history of the kennedy years.” i saw this book on someone’s instagram last week and it has rekindled my obsession with the kennedy’s.  my husband just rolled his eyes and said “here we go again.” HAHAH. why are they the most fascinating humans to ever walk the earth?

listening to: lots of nat king cole and louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald. perfect for cozy winter days.

also on repeat: prayer in c by lilly wood and the prick (the chilliest.) and uptown funk by mark ronson. (randomly the best jam-out song EVER.)

laughing at: my phone autocorrecting “breadsticks” to “breasts” this morning. sorry, friends.

looking forward to: a few road trips coming up – santa barbara and vail, colorado. (and gas is so cheap, that when you’re splitting it between friends, it’s practically free!)

appreciating: my husband. he has been such a champ as his cripple wife lays in bed and wallows about her broken ankle every night. (pain + lack of activity hasn’t really been great.) he’s taken care of the dishes, picking up around the apartment, carrying me to bed so i don’t have to hobble, extra-long back rubs, pep talks, putting on my boot for me so i don’t have to bend over, getting up early to assist me in getting ready, the list goes on. if i’m to learn anything from this experience, it’s to fully appreciate all that he is, and all that he does. hashtag he’s the bomb.

craving: THE GYM. i’ve been trying to keep up with arm/ab workouts at home, but my body is feeling that lack of endorphins from an intense spin class, or even just 15 minutes of good cardio. hey ankle, hurry it up will ya? i’m getting depressed!

looking forward: more and more to living in the bay this summer. san fran is such a magical place, and i think we’re going to have so much fun there!

excited: for my sister to get home! you guys, it’s SO CLOSE. (2 weeks and 4 days to be exact.) if i think about it too long, i start to get mega excited and distracted. it’s going to be the most glorious moment of my life… but i’m just going to try & put it out of my mind for now so i can get things done. (now i'm having a mini seizure. she's coming home!!!!)

experiencing: a really bad case of stranger danger. i think it's great that everyone in provo is friendly and helpful, but if one more stranger asks me what happened - so help me. (i know, i'm so ungrateful. they're just trying to be nice!) i just really don't love talking to strangers. and walking around friendly- town on crutches is like wearing a neon sign "WILL TALK TO WEIRD STRANGERS. ANYONE, COME START UP A CONVERSATION ABOUT MY BROKEN FOOT." i am super grateful for any stranger who will open doors for me though. god bless those strangers! staggering in a room as the door smacks one side of your body has been my awkward first-impression in every class this semester. everyone in the class is like, oh hello cripple crisis. 

wearing: colored socks. i didn’t realize how good of an idea white/black socks would be until i started wearing a boot everyday – so i’ve got a shoe on one side, and a neon sock popping out of my boot on the other side. i find it charming. :)

experiencing: a feeling of balance. my life is getting back into a place of harmony – where the most important things are coming first. it feels good. 


  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH THE KENNEDY'S TOO. I don't know why I did that in all caps but I seriously love them, and I need that book!

    xo, k

  2. I love the Be Wise issue. I skimmed through it and definitely read your section. I just love everything you have to say. Also, okay I've never paid attention to the Kennedy's but now I'm intrigued. I sort of get obsessed with weird stuff all the time - the OJ Simpson trial, Columbine shooting & North Korea camps & government. I just love reading books that allow you to get "behind the scenes", you know? Is the book you're reading like that?



    1. mila, i'm glad you liked be wise! i love this issue.

      okay - we are the same person. i have obsessed about all kinds of murder cases and other weird things. (including the ok simpson trial and north korea and 9/11, etc.) i just get fixated. (speaking of that, if you haven't listened to serial already - do it! you'll be obsessed.) anyway, i can recommend 3-4 books on the kennedy's if you're interested. they were so glamorous on the outside, but really broken and sad underneath the showcase. it's really fascinating. my obsession sparked with the book "killing kennedy" - you should start it!

  3. bummer to read that you have an injury but so glad you have a wonderful husband to take care of you!
    and I had to lol at the stranger danger comment. =)


  4. the girl on the cover of be wise is my best friend since I was born!!! is she not the cutest?

    also - I love that you are meditating! I need to try that. I have had friends swear by it saying it helps them in so many areas in their lives. you are the bomb.

  5. I hope you start feeling much better soon, it sucks having an injury like a broken ankle, you feel so able to do everything but you just physically can't, it's super annoying right? I totally agree with you about meditation being hard, you'd think it'd be easy to just sit there and clear your mind but I know it took me a long time before I really got into the swing of things, really glad it's helping you though!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years! xx


  6. ok. I will have to read that book about the Kennedy's. I too am so enchanted by them, they are so interesting! I can not believe Ashlyn is that close to being home!!! AHHHH so exciting!!

  7. kayla you are my favorite. just so ya know!

  8. Your stranger danger comment reminds me of when total strangers come up to pregnant ladies bellies and want to like, touch them? Not that I have been pregnant and know first hand how that is, but ya know, I have heard stories and I just find that extremely odd. Boundaries people. There are some things that you just don't ask/do to people you don't know! Ha.

    Also your kennedy obsession reminds me of this phase of my life that I went through with Elvis! ha! I read this huge biography on him and listened to his music 24/7 and was just fascinated about learning about him. Weird, I know.

  9. you are the best, everything about this list is great. i am SO pumped for your upcoming roadtrips & cannot wait to hear all about them, how fun! thats so exciting for your sister!!!! i would be counting down the days too, if i were in your shoes! it's the best feeling being able to see someone after so long! xoxo


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