February 26, 2015

february 2015.

+ earlier this month we wandered up to sundance to eat at our favorite spot - the eating establishment - and par-ooze around for celebrities. we didn't have much luck in the celebrity department, but we did see a bunch of hippies doing yoga on the top of a bus (??) so that was cool.

+ on superbowl sunday, my girl kirsten got engaged! we were all invited to watch it go down. her fiance really outdid himself with sentimental gifts and sweet words. (seriously i don't know if he will ever be able to top himself. good luck on anniversaries, bud.) it was really sweet to see how excited she was - those two are such a good match and love is the greatest ever!

+ guys i am so obsessed with my siblings - spending a week with them after ashlyn returned home was bliss. my brother is seriously the most adorable little stud, ashlyn is as hilarious as they come, and mia is like our sweet little baby. we just all fit perfectly together and they are the coolest. warning: selfie overload about to happen.

+ also - idaho sunsets. they never dissapoint.

+ we stopped at the shake shack in vegas on our way to california - probably one of the best decisions we've ever made. i can't wait to live close to one someday! iphone pictures or it didn't happen right?

+ danielle has moved back to utah - we've been making up for lost time with a new sunday baking tradition and ballet barre classes. (to counteract all of the baking, obviously.)

+ this workout tank is probably my best purchase to date. target, you've done it again. 

+ although frostbite temps seems to have settle in this week, can i get three cheers for the warm weather lately?! huzzah for sunshine and short sleeves. i love you, utah...keep in comin!

+ yesterday i had a cancelled class, so i called jordan and convinced him to skip out on work early and play with me. (the convincing part took all of 3 seconds.) we went out to lunch and cuddled and enjoyed being home during daylight - which is rare. it was only a little blip of time - just a few hours, but they were the world. i love being spontaneous and breaking up the routine - even if it only means skipping class and laying in bed with the office. ;)

February 24, 2015

santa barbara.

can we talk about how incredible santa barbara is for a second? we took valentine's weekend and stayed with a friend's parents in sb - i was expecting a typical southern california weekend. some mexican food, a beach, ya know. but seriously - this place made the city-lover inside of me question herself!

every road was lined with flowers, nothing was crowded, the entirety of everywhere smelled amazing, it was all quaint and magical and nothing at all felt smoggy or dirty. the sunsets were OUT of this WORLD, the house we stayed in was huge/unreal, and the whole experience was just low-key and cozy. all 8 of us will be moving shortly to start real life - and i'm so glad we took advantage of this time to bond. the friends we went with are just good people, - they are easy to be with and funny and wonderful right to the core. we have really lucked out with a lot of cool friends here in provo.

a few highlights of the trip: sunset on a private beach, homemade paninis, talks on the balcony outside of our room, the most delectable nachos of my existence, annie's fat baby niece indiana, shake shack in vegas on the drive there (shake shack!) and of course, our boat ride. santa barbara, we will be back for you.

February 19, 2015

a self portrait.

during one of my thousand snapchat conversations i have every day, i snapped this. as i glanced down to add my words to the photo, i kinda stopped in my tracks and had one of those moments where i said to myself, 'holy cow, that's what i look like.' not in a vain way, like i thought i looked good, but in a realization kind of way. this is me, right now. this is what i look like.

deep, wide-set eyes, a narrow face, full lips and a long nose. hair a little tousled and lived-in, as always.  if i look a little harder, i can see see into my eyes a little & see myself. like really myself. horrendously imperfect and familiar with trials, but swimming with hope, full of compassion, and ready to try harder to be the person i dream of. i don't know, maybe that's a little deep for a snapchat conversation, but that picture really did give me pause.

camilla has been doing a series of self-portaits and self evaluations on her blog, and i thought i'd join in and add one. i'm not always in-tune with myself, so in an effort to be more so, here's what's going on with me:

1. i've been feeling pretty on top of things lately - this semester is not a hard one for me, our summer in the bay is looming, and graduation is near. we're right on the cusp of all these changes, and it's energizing. i feel challenged in school, just enough to sense that i am accomplishing something. i have been filling my extra time with books and smothering jordan to death. ;)

2. i received a letter of recommendation from a professor this morning and it made me cry. although i'm sure she exaggerated a little, hearing the phrases "exceptional" "flawless work ethic" "quality of character" and "enthusiasm for life" associated with yourself, i don't know. it just poured a little sparkle into my day.

3. still dying to dye my hair pink. still trying to convince jordan it's a good idea.

4. one of the best feelings ever (ever ever ever) is realizing that you CAN in fact text your sister whenever you feel like it, because she IS home now and has a phone. just seeing her name pop up on my phone screen has me all sorts of giddy. 

5. i have recommitted myself to celebrating the small moments - like good hair days and delicious food and forehead kisses and sunny car rides and those little feelings of peace that you sometimes get. "time stands still best in the moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life."

6. i have felt especially grateful for jordan this week. every day life kinda get in the way of feeling really "in love" sometimes, but this week i've just been like "you are SO hot and SO perfect and SO hilarious." so that's been great. because we didn't get to spend v day just the two of us, he has planned a surprise date for tomorrow (!!!) and my stomach can't even handle the excitement. 

February 17, 2015

our valentines day.

we spent our love day in santa barbara, california with close friends. we arrived late the night before, and woke up when the sun wafted in through the balcony door. (i forgot what an amazing phenomenon it is to be woken up by the sun. talk about the perfect start to my day!) we made crepes for breakfast and ate them out by the pool - then took a sailboat ride together, and found a little fishing boat that had literally been overtaken by seals - kinda gross, but mostly entertaining. we explored downtown for a few hours, lazily wandering in and out of shops and stopping to soak in the sun-filled streets. santa barbara is seriously dreamy, it feels like you are walking the streets of a beach town out of a disney movie.

we hauled some blankets and a picnic basket out to the bluffs and watched the sunset in between catch-phrase rounds. that sunset, those cliffs, it was almost too good to be true. the rest of our night was spent devouring mexican food and laughing in the hot tub. would perfection be too strong a word? the day was absolute magic from start to finish. however - creamy sunset and delicious nachos aside, i was mostly grateful to be with my sweet boy. having him by my side makes every adventure about 8,000 times greater.