happy list 09.

slow mornings where you have time to make the bed, eat a green smoothie, and still be on time // the episode of the office with "prison mike" // spin class with a dj - he turns off the lights, pounds his re-mixes, and keeps a strobe light going. i imagine it's what being on acid is like, and it's pretty awesome // watching my little brother play basketball, and fan girl-ing him so hard from the stands. do you think he was embarrassed that i shouted "i love you talmage! you're so cute!" about 80 times? // buying an elephant teapot at world market that i have literally had my eye on for over 3 years // snapchats of your friends' cute babies ALL DAY LONG // when it's warm enough to ride home from the gym in the back of your dad's truck // realizing there's a shake shack in vegas and you get to stop there for dinner tomorrow // this tweet: "you say lactose intolerant but all i hear is cheese racist" making you laugh so hard // the day i left my family to come back to utah, us 4 siblings sat around the breakfast table and laughed until we cried. it was the perfect note to end my week at home on //


  1. Prison Mike! Oh Prison Mike. Awesome that you got to spend time with your fam and freshly returned sister!

  2. Yes! I love slow mornings when you have time to eat breakfast and make the bed!! That never happens to me, but when it does.. it's awesome. Also that spin class sounds amazing but also intimidating. I don't know why, I'm always scared to go to the classes, like people will somehow judge me? Ridiculous, I know. I am a whimp, what can I say.

  3. DJ RAJ!!!! And yes to our dinner. Ugh. So close.


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