mccall, idaho.

after ashlyn's return, i stayed in idaho to spend some time with my family. one afternoon while the younger siblings were in school, we drove up to mccall, idaho to wander around the winter festival. the cute little mountain town gets decked out in decorations - with a park of ice sculptures and food vendors galore.

we explored and exhausted everything main street had to offer, devoured an authentic lunch, & didn't stop talking the entire 5 hours we spent together. i especially love any chance to be surrounded by big, blue mountains - and mom + sister time is pretty great too. 


  1. mother, daughter, sister time is the best! also, it's fun being with the whole family but sometimes it's wayyyyyy fun to sneak off while dads at work and siblings are in school :) hahaha my mom and i do that all the time when i'm home. looks like you had so much fun lady!!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  2. Nothing beats spending time with your mum and sister. My sissy is currently living away at University and I miss her so so much. The Idaho winter festival looks rad! xx


  3. I've heard about Mccall before! But mostly only in the summer. This looks cool!

  4. wait, so cool! I can't even believe those ice sculptures are real! also, just wanted to say that your post about your sister coming home made me so happy. :)


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