February 24, 2015

santa barbara.

can we talk about how incredible santa barbara is for a second? we took valentine's weekend and stayed with a friend's parents in sb - i was expecting a typical southern california weekend. some mexican food, a beach, ya know. but seriously - this place made the city-lover inside of me question herself!

every road was lined with flowers, nothing was crowded, the entirety of everywhere smelled amazing, it was all quaint and magical and nothing at all felt smoggy or dirty. the sunsets were OUT of this WORLD, the house we stayed in was huge/unreal, and the whole experience was just low-key and cozy. all 8 of us will be moving shortly to start real life - and i'm so glad we took advantage of this time to bond. the friends we went with are just good people, - they are easy to be with and funny and wonderful right to the core. we have really lucked out with a lot of cool friends here in provo.

a few highlights of the trip: sunset on a private beach, homemade paninis, talks on the balcony outside of our room, the most delectable nachos of my existence, annie's fat baby niece indiana, shake shack in vegas on the drive there (shake shack!) and of course, our boat ride. santa barbara, we will be back for you.


  1. that sounds amazing!!! i've never been to Santa Barbara but now i want to go!

  2. I'm depressed from reading this and want to go back!

  3. The only thing I really miss from California is the beaches.



  4. SO gorg...you and SB! i adore this place and now i need an excuse to get back down there... so thanks!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  5. It looks beautiful, I wish we could have spent our valentines in SB and escaped the UK! It's lovely spending some quality time with friends - especially if you're all moving away soon. Nothing beats it <3

    Abby | Eärendil

  6. shut up. all of these pictures are perfect. you're perfect. i love you.

  7. sunset on a private beach sounds like heaven given the endless winter here in NYC. and can we talk about how gorgeous youa re?