she's home!!!

guys, after 18 long months my sister is home!! it still all feels a little surreal (we keep poking each other and asking "are you real??") but it's glorious. oh, so glorious.

the anticipation that morning of her arrival was honestly, a little painful. there was so much pent-up emotion happening and it was like we didn't even know what to do with ourselves - then we got a call from delta saying that her plane had been late, and she probably wouldn't arrive until late that evening. talk about a soul-crusher. through a god-sent miracle, she found an earlier flight & we would only have to wait 3 extra hours. as soon as we got the call we literally ran around like chickens, pushing each other around in a race to the car. we got to the airport like....45 minutes early, and i was just laughing so hard on the inside. how ridiculous are we?

there were a few other families waiting for missionaries - it was SO fun to have friends in the same boat! we all chatted, and then when the clock showed 3:00, (the time the flight landed) we all slowly stopped chatting and manned our battle stations, equipped with signs and balloons. 

naturally, ashlyn was in the last seat on the plane - so i shook, with sign in hand, for a full 25 minutes before i pointed out her coral skirt. (i think we said about 2 words to each other for that entire half hour, we were so focused on searching for that coral skirt.) we decided beforehand to let mom and dad go first with the hugs (just trying to be good kids so we can get an inheritance someday) so i waited patiently for my turn.

i looked over at my dad while my mom ran (literally) to ashlyn as she emerged through the gate. he had red-rimmed eyes and was literally swallowing sobs. guys, my dad NEVER cries. the only time i've ever seen him get legitimately emotional was the night his brother was killed. seeing him being overcome with happy tears, which i was convinced were gender-specific, was overwhelming. i thought my heart would burst right there, it really made the whole experience so much sweeter. 

when it was my turn, ashlyn bear-hugged me and i openly sobbed. that moment felt like it lasted a lifetime, & there are honestly no other words i can think to describe it.

(and shout-out to jordan for the pictures. he knew i would want them. holy crap, that guy is the best.)

are you dying?? i love this picture! ^^^

as soon as we walked into the parking lot, it was like all of the anticipation, all of the emotion, all of the apprehension, it dropped off a cliff and i needed a nap. (ha!) but having her home these last few days, re-living inside jokes, making up new ones,  and understanding more of her life the 18 months - nothing has ever been better. i mean it when i say it.

i was the last in her room that first night until waaaaay too late, and we talked about everything. we talked about her finding balance in life, we talked about the gospel and trying our hardest to follow christ, we talked about the pure joy we get from doing that - and our relationship came full circle. we finally complete each other in a way we never have before, and our growth (but more hers than mine) has sealed up this relationship that has already been the glue to my life. after she went to bed, i came downstairs in the dark and sobbed some more happy tears. this day is second only to the day i married jordan, and these happiness levels are off the charts right now. it's a good life. 


  1. oh this is SO sweet and is making me oh so happy for my brothers to get home already. So happy she is safe and sound in your arms! happy day!

  2. that b&w of you...babetown, usa. i got chills reading about staying up late with her talking! seriously, so special. happy that your family is complete again!

    xo, k

    p.s. get your booty to the pump class so i can see you again!

  3. aww this is so exciting! i can imagine how antsy you were waiting at the airport! the waiting is the hardest part, but so exciting at the same time!


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