around here lately.

+ we spent a night at the "utah valley derby darlin's" roller derby - one word. hilarious. 

+ my "j" necklace hasn't left my neck in a few months. it might seem silly, but every time i see it in the mirror i kind of fall in love. i love having people ask me what it means.

+ when danielle and i were like 7, a krispy kreme opened in denver and we roadtripped with our dads to enjoy some doughy goodness. we have continued the tradition in utah & snapped this pic to send to our daddy's. can we all agree that sometimes donuts are overrated? but never kreme donuts. never. oh, and not cougar tails either.

+ i am really glad i sucked it up and ran that half marathon last fall - but there isn't a day where i'm grateful to be lifting instead of running. preach. 

+ at this point - our sunday walks have turned into an ugly fashion show for me. jordan patiently waits outside in the living room while i come up with the ugliest/most outlandish outfit possible - i usually get a few laughs :)

+ i got to attend provo fashion week! there are so many talented people in this community and i love being part of it.

+ sundays have just been extra dreamy lately - we have had good lessons at church that hit me hard, my sunday naps have been on point, we have had friends make us these outrageously good home-cooked meals, and it's been sunny enough for long strolls. sundays are the best days. 

+we planned, with some friends, a group date to keys on main - and seriously, that place! if you've never been, GO. it is probably my favorite thing to do in salt lake. you leave totally exhausted and with no voice - and that is the telltale sign of a good time.

+ my goal the last few weeks is to really focus on being kinder - over the phone at work, to classmates, to other drivers on the road. i've had to say lots of little prayers throughout the day (especially while driving, haha) but i have noticed myself a little more at peace. another goal i set was to physically write in my journal more - i have missed that!


  1. i can't stand running! that's why i have to go to the insanity class and force myself to get some cardio in! but i looooooveeee lifting. the sun is supposed to stick around for this weekend, woohoo! what is keys on main? also, provo was alright. they had these cinnamon roll things that were delicious!! but they were out of most everything when we went and the cookies were cold. so i'm going to have to give them another chance!

    xo, k

    1. keys on main is a piano bar in slc - there are 2 (super talented) live piano players and they take requests. usually the whole place is singing along by the end of the night, it's a blast!

  2. can we get some pictures of your sunday walk outfits? pleeeease!? they sound too great not to share... you're such a good, caring person. i love that you're actively trying to be kinder in your daily life, you're so great kayla!

  3. Haha I struggle with other drivers as well. That needs to be a goal of mine to be nicer to them! And I am totally on the same page as you regarding krisy Kreme donuts. I've become kind of a donut snob and Kreme donuts are about the only ones I like anymore. Yum.


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