happy list 11.

+ the smell of the new building on campus & the fact that all of my classes have been moved in there. i walk in and take a GIANT breath in through my nose, every time. it never gets old.
+ i spilled my breakfast shake all over a freshly washed and pressed white shirt the other day - jordan started laughing at me, and it turned into us both crying from laughter.
+ when they bleep out swear words on the office. it makes me LOL every time.
+ cadberry eggs in the bulk section at winco. (!!!)
+ a cute "chick's night" at kelli's apartment. she always throws the best parties.
+ when jordan wears his extra-fitted suit. i can't even handle myself.
+ trying mooyah's and being like, suuuuper impressed. those milkshakes, doe.
+ when you see your high school boyfriend at mooyah's and he DOESN'T come over and force you into an awkward conversation with his wife and your husband. hashtag grateful.
+ spending most of friday, saturday, and sunday outside in the sunshine - tandem bike riding, hiking, climbing, and picnic-ing.
+ an institute lesson on the importance of education and how it's making you a better, more well-rounded person. (a much needed reminder.)
+ listening to sheri dew speak last week. that woman, holy crap! she is so real, so honest. but she still has the power to inspire you in an incredible way.
+ the blossoms everywhere are NAILING IT.


  1. I was literally researching places to rent a tandem bike from on Saturday and I was sort of secretly thinking of you in the back of my mind because I remember you guys renting one last year. It sounds like so much fun and yes, this weather is the best. Let's go hiking sometime? Freal.

    1. i feel like i've already told you this before, but outdoors unlimited rents bikes for like 5 bucks an hour! it's so cheap and SO FUN.

  2. i am 1000% all about this happy list! except now all i am craving are cadbury eggs...

  3. Sounds like a pretty perfect happy list to me! I really really wanted to get out at the weekend and do some exploring but I just didn't have the time. Tandem biking sounds so fun! Also, I'm all about those cherry blossoms xx


  4. tandem bikes are the besssstt! so cute. you are a gem.

  5. 1. thank heavens for fitted suits.
    2. okay, the one about your high school boyfriend, "hashtag grateful," i was dying!!!!!!! so funny!

    xo, k

  6. I need to get myself my first cadberry egg of the season. asap. I love all the blossoms, I wish things would warm up here so more flowers can pop up! Such a great weekend that you spent most of it outside doing all those fab activities! Love the pic of you guys on the bike!

  7. Hahaha yes it also cracks me up when they do that on the Office! Man I miss that show! Errr and isn't seeing old high school flames like the worst thing ever? Such awkward situations. I desperately need to move away from the very town that I grew up in. You are the cutest and I love that picture of you with that gorgeous tree! I have been so in love with all of the blossoms and so excited for all the flowers to start blooming! However I have been finding a TON of spiders in my basement apartment and that aspect of the weather warming up is something I'm totally not excited about. Pros and cons I guess.


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