some happy things.

+ i had a professor pull me aside and ask me to participate in some communication research - it's a really ingenious idea about headlines and how they can psychologically change your view of the story underneath them. if all goes well and the project is approved by the communication research board, i will be a published academic author next fall! #nerdbrag - but really this is so exciting. research seems kind of glamorous from afar, but up close it's a lot of tedious work.regardless, i am thrilled to be chipping away at future goals, little by little.

+ now i don't want to jinx anything, but i have gotten 2 calls in the last 2 days from a couple of GREAT news stations in san fran interested in me. holy prayers being answered!! my heavens i was so ecstatic after that first call, i couldn't even sleep. (update: jordan asked me, in earnest, if i would come to the bay with him instead of peruse opportunities in new york. this is another story for another day, but i decided that being his support system right now needs to come first.) i've been a little worried about what i would end up doing in the bay - with the whole "not knowing a soul out there" deal. but when one of the top stations called me and told me they'd like to pursue me further, it was affirmed to me that there is hope, & that my experience is valuable and i know what i'm doing - two things i have been doubting. obviously nothing is set in stone yet, but i am spilling over with excitement/gratitude/all of the feelings. my dreams are coming to life, and also heavenly father cares about everything you care about. i really believe that. 

+ this semester has been crazy - not like "crazy busy" although i generally like to wear my business badge way too often. it's been crazy emotional - i was super down after breaking my ankle and being cooped up inside, then a close family friend died and i experience all of those emotions, a few days later my sister came home from her mission and the highest of highs were felt. our home has been overflowing with love the last two weeks (we're on and upswing of those natural ebbs and flows) and the anticipation of all of changes to come seem to bear down on us every day. it's been (mostly) a blessing to feel everything quite so deeply - the human experience can be so divine. although the lows have been low, it's made the highs so much higher. i hope that i am navigating this depth with compassion and grace - and i keep coming back to this quote:

"she made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. she walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like it was a pair of wings."

+ i have mentioned this before, but we have been watching an episode or two of the office before bed each night. during the first season, we would play the theme song melody on each other's arm during the opening. you know, like you're playing a fake piano? in the second season, the piano playing turned to piano-pounding until someone finally said, "ouch!" that evolved into me punching (lightly) jordan in the chest to the beat of the theme song. now we are on season five, and when the theme song starts, we look at each other for a quick moment and then start wrestling. i don't know how it got to this point, and i am totally aware of how psycho this behavior is, but it has us belly laughing by the time the show actually starts. every. time. 


  1. I'm at work and I literally snort-laughed at the last paragraph. Literally. It's embarrassing.


  2. Hahahah the last paragraph made me also laugh out loud! hahahahaha

  3. 'Heavenly Father cares about everything you care about.' I love that, and it is so true. He wants our dreams to come true just as much as we do! Pretty amazing. Congratulations on all the many opportunities that have come to you. So exciting :)

  4. that is SO cool that you could be a published academic author next year, seriously SO SO cool. & all the news stations!? girl, your life is definitely amazing right now. all of that awesome news plus not to mention what an amazing person YOU are. I am so sorry for your loss of such a close friend & for all the lows you have experienced lately, but sometimes i think they are necessary to help see all of the good in your life, which you have so much of. you're an inspiration, especially in your writing. keep strong :)

  5. HAHAHA the office theme song!! we looove office before bedtime. but we have just recently switched to friends. ha! also that quote is gold. ALSO ALSO UM KAYLA. companies interested in you!? what a blessing!! keep me updated! and I just remembered I never texted you back! texting you now!
    p.s. tell me about that lip color in your first picture!

  6. you'll know me, we can hang out over the summer in california :) hahahaha that last paragraph is hilarious! isaac do something similar when the parenthood theme song comes on! so fun!

    xo, k

  7. Hahahaha thats awesome about wrestling before the office! I really love that. Congrats about the calls, your future looks bright!

  8. Yay for blessings and companies interested in you! That is so awesome :)


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