taking stock 07.

loving: apartment hunting in san fran, believe it or not. there are a lot nicer apartments (in some siiiiick locations) than i was expecting in our price range.

working: on pushing through this last stretch of the semester. it’s warm outside, i’m getting bored -  i swear, school isn’t even that hard this semester but my brain still manages to burn out this time of year. come onnnnn may!

obsessed with: my husband wearing a fitted suit. ohhhh have mercy. (and i'm selfishly excited for him to start summer work so he can wear one every day.)

cooking: the best crock pot mac n cheese known to man for our "walking dead" finale with friends. try it out here.

reading: hey natalie jean. i know she is kind of a “love her or hate her” blogger, but i’ll be darned if girlfriend can’t write. i also started the novel “one day” after falling in love with the movie.

listening to: the bossypants audible book. it’s funnier the second time around, guys. trust me. ily, tina.

a little sad at: the office finale. we finished it last night and i loved it! i get kinda sad to be parted with those characters, they’ve been part of our “before bed wind down” for like 4 months! now. new tv shows for us?

wasting time: on the new “layout” app. collages! photo-booth! picture mirroring! go try it.

looking forward to: CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND! the older i get, the more desperate i am for april and october to roll around. i’m really needing that extra boost, and for a few questions to be answered.

appreciating: a sick sunday in bed and a “barely sick enough sick day” yesterday in which i scrubbed the apartment and watched dirty dancing. although the coughing, blowing of the nose, throwing up because of the snot drainage (too gross?) were NOT pleasant, lazing around for a few days was very much enjoyed. side note, i watched pride and prejudice on sunday and my heavens! that is the best movie ever made.

appreciating: lots of girl time lately. i have SO MANY good friends, it’s disgusting.

looking forward to: i know i already said conference, but conference cinnamon rolls deserve their own line, wouldn’t you say?

excited: about a little discovery we made this weekend – free s’mores at the st. regis hotel in park city! (i think they do s’mores at all of the st. regis hotels, but these ones are free!) try the coconut marshmallow, you won’t be sorry.

experiencing: that weird, post-sick cough and sniffles where you sound like death but you have to convince everyone disgusted by you that no, you really feel fine, you promise!

grateful for: a text i received from my friend annie on sunday. it was one of those hard-core, compliment your character and who you are as a human texts that has pulled me through a tough few moments since. i hope i can make people's day every once in a while like she made mine. 


  1. Lady, I LOVE this post!!! I hope you don't mind if I do something similar. What a creative way to get everything that is going on in one post! Seriously love it girl!

    1. shelby, please do! i can't wait to read it!!

  2. I'm really looking forward to conference too! Your comment about appreciating it more as we get older is so true. I appreciate the break from the world to listen for the weekend. Most of the time I feel like my life is bland day-to-day, but this helps me break it down. I may have to try this, thanks!

  3. Coconut marshmallows?! Those need to be in my life STAT! we just bought coconut m&ms for our easter baskets and yum!!

  4. love love love this post and you. so many good things here, i hardly know what to comment on! but those marshmallows YUMMMMM we did that this summer at the montage at deer valley and it was super fun and YUM.
    also i didn't know you were sick on sunday/monday or else i would have brought turkey noodle soup instead of cookies!! glad you're doing better and i feel like i want to steal you away from end-of-semester stuff so we can hang out more. love you bye.

  5. San Fran sounds so exciting! I hope I get there one day….only a 12 hour plane ride away ; ) Crock pot mac n cheese sounds interesting, will have to check that out!

  6. Let me know how the Hey Natalie Jean book goes! I totally love how you describe her. Sometimes i'm 100% done and sometimes i'm like PLEASE MORE PLEASE. I'm super interested in her book, though!


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