key ingredients for a perfect weekend - part 2.

 + an entire batch of little sissy visiting - mix it in with the byu art museum, sodalicious, our fourth, un-biological sister, lots of dancing before bed, and then lazy-life chats in bed the next morning.
+ a fourth cup of afternoon gym time, followed directly by a fourth cup of saturday nap
+ 2 cups of the aquarium, go heavy on the penguins and light on the snakes
+ fold together a pink sunset on the mountain with in n out
+ a dash of frosted donuts and a movie
+ 2 heaping cups of heavy sunday nap. (the kind where you wake up & you have forgotten your own name and what year it is)
+ 2 teaspoons of spring blooms during a sunday stroll
+ finish off with walking dead & friends
+ sprinkle laughter, blurry selfies, and cuddling with boyfriend throughout


  1. wow check out THAT blossom tree! Is that in Provo?! Because all i've seen of blossoms are in SLC!

  2. okay well thisssss is darling! love this post idea! :)


  3. Okay, well, this is the cutest post ever! I especially like the frosted donut part ;) I have had the biggest craving for them! LFfkhgd.

  4. Such a cute post! And you are gorgeous!

  5. how fun that your sister came to visit you! that's the best :) you & your sister look so similar, when i saw the picture of you two i was blown away!

  6. Wait I walked past that blossom tree on Sunday and took a picture of it because it was so pretty! Haha. Yay for Spring!!!

  7. I love that white brick wall so much!

  8. Ahh yes! Nothing makes me happier about spring than seeing all the beautiful trees/bushes blossoming. So beautiful to see nature come alive again. I want to go to the aquarium! But I hear it's a little pricey... But also worth it so I imagine we will make it there someday soon.

  9. You and your sister are so adorable!! I am so happy she is home.!


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