my best friend's wedding.

this day was 100% magic - it started with a donut run, ended with sore dancing feet, and all the in between parts were full of love and laughter and so many happy tears. so many happy tears! 

watching my friends find these amazing men, fall in love, and make the choice to be sealed to them has been almost as fulfilling as being in love myself. (almost.) gosh i am so sappy, but LOVE IS THE GREATEST. right?? it is the greatest thing on this whole entire earth and i love celebrating it. being in that sealing room and watching them walk in, all giddy, eyes full of tears. AH. i am at a loss to describe the sunshine of that moment. it was heaven. 

after the wedding, hours of picture taking, and a quick in n out stop, shannon threw the party of the year - complete with lots of dessert, bubbles and hula hoops on the dance floor. it was the perfect excuse to get everyone together and have a little girl's reunion before we head off for the summer. thanks for the magical day, love birds. (and shout out to my husband for most of these pictures. you're a champ.)


  1. I'm so happy you blogged about this! Shannon is beautiful!

  2. Aw! Looks like a wonderful day. It's the best when someone you care about finds the one they're going to share forever with.


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