on my nightstand.

months ago, i saw a post from a blog i can't remember about nightstands. isn't it compelling to find out what someone keeps next to their bed, easy within reach? i found the idea intriguing, and so i snapped these photos last week and made a list of those things i keep next to my bed. it was interesting that i keep a lot of things next to my bed for convenience (jewelry, medication, books) but a lot of things i keep there because they have some significance to me. there must be some tick in my brain that thinks since my side of the bed is my space, that i should fill my nightstand with meaningful trinkets. 

anways, here's the list of things you can ALWAYS find next to my bed:

- anywhere between 1-5 journals. i love little journals and am always making up excuses to buy more. "i'll sketch in this one!" "this guy will be for favorite quotes!" in this picture, i have my basic journal, a journal for spiritual thoughts and impressions, and a "random thoughts" notebook. it's excessive, i am aware.

- this little buddha dude gifted to me by a religious studies professor after i received an A in his budhissm class. i was the only one in the class to get an A (hence the gift) and he told me that in doing so i had "inadvertently reached nirvana." HAHA. i don't know why, but this has been one of my favorite treasures to keep on my nightstand, it's been a staple for at least 4 or 5 years now. i find buddhism and southeast asian culture so fascinating - and i guess maybe i keep it by my bed as a reminder that i can do well in school? i need that lately. but mostly i just think he's cute.

- a vintage watch that my dad gave me. i rarely wear it, but always keep it next to my bed. 

-at least one, if not 2 or 3 pots of carmex, always always always. 

- one of my current reads. (but you actually should read "one day." it's really good!)

- a cute table tray that i found on clearance at target - it's actually made the world of difference with organization on my nightstand. now there's a place for all of the rings, birth control, pencils, tangled necklaces, etc etc. i usually huck my phone in there before i go to sleep, too.

-lemon verbena candle from target. seriously the best candle find, second ONLY to volcano candles from anthro. 

- i rarely use that lotion for myself - it's for jordan. he needs it on his hands when he rubs my back for long periods of time, which happens often. ;) he will complain, "my fingers are getting dry!" and then i reach over and go, "great, i have a solution!" haha.

- the box my wedding ring came in. although my ring is lost right now, i keep the box out as a good omen, summoning the ring back. think it'll work?



  1. This is such a creative post and it's fun! Having the tray is such a good idea.. I'm always having things fall off behind the night stand. I'm the same way with journals, I currently only have 3 though!

  2. Fun fact: Target's "Island Moonlight" candle smells just like Anthro's volcano! I'm about to make an online purchase of like 5 of them, and on your tip I'll add in a lemon verbena. A good candle does wonders!

  3. love this post! nightstands (and breakfast rituals) are so fascinating! love the idea of a darling tray...except i think if i did that mine would just fill up with more crap. also, i love that you are such an avid journal-er!
    you da best.

    1. oooooh breakfast rituals. mine is totally boring but you should write about yours!

  4. i love your buddha! i'm really interested in buddhism too & took a class on it when i was in school & i was obsessed! good job on getting an A ;) have you seen the movie for one day?!? definitely should watch it after the book, i loved the book & if i remember correctly, the movie is pretty good too!

    1. haha as usual, we are on the same wavelength. i saw the movie on netflix, LOVED IT, and then decided to read the book!


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