spring 2015.

as a deep, deep lover of fall - i always forget how great spring is! you just walk outside one day to bam! popcorn blossoms everywhere. i have looooooved the warm winter we had in utah (loved loved loved a million times) and the smell of blooms wafting through the air when i walk outside. is there any experience more magical? when it finally got warm enough to be outside nonstop and wear short sleeves, we were already bolting out our door. 

to kickoff the first day of spring, we went rock climbing with some friends up rock canyon park. since they have both been climbing for years, it was definitely humbling, but the perfect weather made up for that. ;)

the next day, we tandem biked (my favorite!) all over provo in the sunshine.

more springy things around here have included:

walking through the cherry blossoms at the state capitol. they were absolutely stunning. 

and having a spring tea party that was literally to die for. everything was dainty and cozy - i just wanted to squeal all afternoon. (ps, i love the ladies in my life!)

aaaaand i'll send you out with a few more bloom pictures,  ya know - for good measure. 

utah is rad. 


  1. I'm in love with all these blossoms your posting!!!!! And how stupid perfect your hair is.

  2. Look at all of your fun adventures you've been on! I haven't been on a tandem bike since high school and I nearly died when we ran into an intersection and lost control, haha... so my experience was a little tainted but I'd like to ride one again sometime. Love all the blossom pictures! I just bought some flowers yesterday to plant in some pots outside my door, however it snowed today :( boo! and so currently my flower pots have been brought indoors.

  3. i. love. tandem. bikes.

    also, i get so excited when i see your blog name on my bloglovin' sidebar! you're always the first one i click on :)

    xo, k

  4. i'm so jealous of your rock limbing adventure! i miss it tooooooo much! i love that you guys rode a tandem bike, where did you get one?!

  5. That tea party looks absolutely perfect! I love how you all wore sunhats. :)
    I might need to have my own tea party once all this snow melts. . .


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