are ya kiddin me, utah??

sorry, mom.

look at this cute dude! i whipped out my phone to take a picture, and i swear he looked at me & smiled on purpose. 


our cute little italian friend filming garrett climbing and jordan belaying.
a selfie for good measure. i'm guessing jordan looks like he's in pain because the hike was so intense?

last week, we took a mini trip to southern utah and camped for a few nights. it was my first time to st george, to zions, to bryce canyon, and it did NOT DISAPPOINT. where has this red rock been all of my life?? holy crap, guys! i was expecting to have a great time and enjoy the scenery, but i was blown away. by everything. that place is UNREAL.  we hurried and bought a year pass to the national parks so that we can hit up zions again, and make it to arches in the fall. 

one day while the boys were rock climbing in snow canyon, kristin and i were chatting down at the bottom and an old italian man named fabio hiked up to us and asked if he could film our husbands for a documentary he was making about southern utah. we ended up chatting with him for almost an hour - he told us about growing up in italy, moving to britain, and now splitting his time between the spanish countryside and the english countryside. what a life, right?? but he was so adamant that utah was one of his favorite places, that the beauty here is unparalleled. (this was his 7th visit here.) this man lives in the english countryside and he can't wait to visit little old utah?? i felt a little ungrateful for not appreciating it here. it's all about perspective, ya know?

angel's landing was a beast, and reminded me that being "in shape" is a relative term. i can kick butt in a spin class, but i'm out of breath after the second switchback. go figure! the view from the top was 100 million percent worth it, though. 

also, random thought: i was feeding a chipmunk part of my pb&j at the top. he was getting braver and braver as time went on, and eventually he would grab bread right out of my hand. at one point, i didn't let go of the bread when he tried to take it, so he put the bread in his mouth, took his 2 tiny hands and pushed my fingers off the bread! i was laughing so hard. it was the cutest thing that ever happened to me. 

we hiked into a cave close to our campsite, (which was dubbed our bad A moment of the weekend. that cave was scary!) explored bryce canyon, experienced fractured prune donuts, ate our weight in s'mores, spent a few hilarious hours trying to kill kangaroo rats with a hatchet (after finding their droppings in our food and our car) and laughed a lot a lot a lot. i am so grateful i got the chance to experience more that utah has to offer - we will be back for ya!


  1. I have huge *Heart Eyes* for this post! It sounds like you had the most wonderful time! We've been debating between a couple different places to go for our anniversary this year, and you've just convinced me that we need to visit southern utah. Ha! :)

  2. i've always wanted to go to southern utah to see all the amazing parks and hikes!! also, that chipmunk story...adorable.

    xo, k

  3. ahhh this makes me so homesick for utah! it's so prettttttty & has so many fun activities! i'm glad you went, it is amazing & everyone that lives in utah needs to go at once! that being said, the only time i've been to zion was against my will at the time, but once i got there i was pretty happy i was forced to go!

  4. So fun! :) And that is so cute about the chipmunk!! :)

  5. ah i'm brimming with state pride! you guys know how to get it done in southern utah - i'm impressed with allllllll your hiking and adventures!


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