10 things you didn't know about me.

my cute friend leah did one of these posts and tagged me to share a few random facts about myself. some of these are recycled from an old instagram post (i'm not THAT interesting) but i completely  love reading these about other people, so i thought i'd share a few of my own!

1. i ran into a pole one time and literally gave myself a black eye. it was about 3 months after jordan and i got married, it was while we were packing up our car to go home for christmas, and he got a loooot of weird stares when we showed up for christmas and i was sporting a purple eye ;)

2. i pretty much love all kinds of music, but i really have a soft spot for the 80's. i think it might be because my parents are SUCH loyalists to their generation (wango tango concerts, blue eyeshadow and all) and it possibly passed on to me through their blood. give me the cure or give me death! (or depeche mode, or u2, or phil collins, i love it all!)

3. i sleep in the exact same position every single night. on my side, top leg propped up in a flamingo-like fashion, covers held tightly in place up by my chin. although - when i am really tired, i can practically nap while in motion. 

4. the day i met jordan, i thought it would be a good idea to eat buffalo wild wings for lunch and then go workout an hour later. although i have no recollection of this, he asked for my name as i rushed to the bathroom to throw up - he thought i was just kinda rude. apparently that didn't deter him from asking for my number a few days later, so it all worked out. (we didn't put this story together until we were engaged, you guys. engaged!) 

5. i played with barbies until i was thirteen years old, i had tea parties on the reg, and i made my mom address me as "her princess AND queen" as a little girl. (the day i found out that "princess" was not a real major in college was a tough one.) i cannot WAIT to have girls of my own and pick up those barbies again!

6. i have the worst FOMO of anyone i have ever met. i LOVE nothing more than to be in the center of all the fun. sometimes i get on the "community calendar" and get so depressed at all the festivals and concerts i have missed. *eye rolling because i am terribly ridiculous* i drove 17 hours to the fiesta bowl the day after i broke my ankle because there was no way in hades i was about to miss that football game. (guys i don't even really like football.) everyone tried to talk me out of it because my foot was deep blue and the size of a microwave, but NOPE. i wasn't going to miss out on a good time. (i am actually working on this about myself, i swear.) 

7. i am creepily obsessed with both the kennedy family and lauren conrad. 

8. i think my biggest pet-peeve is people who are overly-opinionated and share their thoughts un-solicited. it's great to be passionate, but not as great to think that everyone should share your views. because they're just that. yours. also see: when people "guffaw" instead of laugh, over-competitiveness. 

9. i anchored the news at a local station (but it was more like a closet with a camera) in logan, utah several years ago. watching those old tapes makes me seriously LOL, but i loved getting practice being on camera - even if only 13 people watch the channel and i ran the teleprompter myself. 

10. i must have a really generic-looking face because i am constantly getting told i look like other people. at least once a week i get a, "you look just like my brother's girlfriend!" or "are you related to such and such?" or "has anyone told you that you look like ashley tisdale?" (why yes, i actually have, i was once mistaken for her at disneyland and asked for my autograph.) < that is a true story, and yes i signed a fake autograph.

although i want everyone to do these because i think they are so fun, i am going to call out you, B. also ashley and riley and kylie. go go go!


  1. These are so fun! I have always enjoyed reading these types of lists. That is amazing you got mistaken for Ashley Tisdale and signed an autograph. Let it be known that I also played with Barbies until like 12! No shame, my friend!

  2. HAHA I played with barbies till about then as well. My Mom was like "Okay, you need to maybe stop with the barbie thing..." haha I have major FOMO too! These are so hard to think of!

  3. Uhhhhhh how do I even think of ten things?!!!!!!!! ill do it just for you!

    Also, barbies. Guilty. I wish we had been friends.

  4. love this cute list!! also FOMO i hear you

  5. I also have an extremely generic face, constantly getting people staring at me in a quizzical manner trying to work out where they know me from. They don't know me. They know some other girl with my face. Le sigh!

    Charlotte xx


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