happy sf moments.

instead of promising myself that i would make a long, detailed account of our adventure here this summer, i resolved a little more realistically: to write down a few favorite moments of each day here in the bay. here are a few i thought were worth sharing:

+ after jordan's first day of work, he got home at about 1:30 am & accidentally woke me up. he didn't say a word, he just just wrapped me up and cuddled me back to sleep. gosh i love that boy. 

+ a few days ago, there was a homeless guy straight up sleeping in the middle of the safeway parking lot. like in between a few cars, just chillin. at first i was legit concerned that he was dead, but then he twitched. i snapped a quick pic, and then started laughing so hard. then! later in the day, a homeless guy was sleeping in the middle of this huuuge sidewalk. like, people were having to step around him, laying in the sun at 4pm, totally passed out. don't usually homeless people set up shop in a park or a doorway?? apparently not, and i've gotten a kick out of it. 

+ when i open our windows at night, i can smell just a hint of the ocean. 

+ there's a pizza place downstairs, and our closest exit route is the hallway next to their kitchen - they usually have the kitchen door propped open anyway, so we can see right in as they mix the sauce and throw the dough. i walk out of the hallway probably 3-4 times a day, and each time i'm like, i could really go for some pizza right now! the smell is divine.

+ as i walk down broadway to work, i have a view of the transamerica building to the my right, and a stunning picture of the bay bridge straight ahead. and then i just say to myself, i could get used to this city!

+ our church building is completely charming - it's located at the top of a steep hill in pac heights. it's neat to look out the windows to see a view of the city.

+ i went to "yoga at the labrynth" by myself last week - it's a weekly yoga class held at grace cathedral on nob hill. i said hello to my neighbor, spread out my mat, and seriously loved the hour of meditation and de-stressing. i had like a mo-jo moment in that cathedral, where i felt like i was aligning myself with life here. i felt connected to everyone there, to this city, to my life in california. i wandered nob hill after the class (nob hill is what dreams are made of) and let myself fall in love with the cable cars and cute houses and steep hills.

+ jordan surprised me with a selfie stick in the mail while he was in new york. i took it out for a quick spin (yes, alone...) and made some asian friends who were doing the same thing.

+ we found "kirby cove", a rope swing, and a perfect view of the golden gate last sunday.

oh, & here is our homeless safeway friend:


  1. When we were there we went to the Sharp Park beach (near the Sharp Park Golf course). You park at the Beach Blvrd. by the pier and if you head south down the beach there are all sorts of hikes there and cliff type beaches. We got to the first hill and if you look down there were all sorts of cliffs that I could see. It was beautiful but I saw a few paths that just kept going. We got to the hike kind of lateish (and we literally just google mapped the closest beach to our apartment so it was VERY spontaneous) and I didn't get to explore there. So please, if you and Jordan ever get a free second, go explore there so I can live my life through you and also I can't stop thinking about that place and what I might have missed out on by not following the path a little longer.

  2. I love the idea of writing down a few favorite moments of each day! For Christmas Cory bought me a little moleskine calendar journal so I could do the same. It really makes you think about your day and savor those sweet moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    I'm eating up all your San Fran posts. Plz take a selfie stick picture where I can paint in all our p&n faces.

  3. DREAM. This is what dreams are made of. I love that you're having so much fun in the city!

  4. Wow life there sounds amazing! Your description of the pizza place down stairs and walking by it everyday sounds like something out of a TV show... Amazing. I have this secret desire to live in California but I'm pretty sure my hubby would never go for it!! Haha

  5. you're the cutest. we need to coordinate work schedules! weekends would probably be the best huh? i work monday through friday. funny how the summer is super busy! shouldn't we be at the pool!!!!

    xo, k

  6. gah! the hint of the ocean smell when you open your window! i have died and gone to heaven imagining that. seriously my favorite city!

  7. 1. you live above a freakin pizza place? THAT is what dreams are made of bc pizza = life
    2. yoga in a cathedral sounds amazing.


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