land's end.

hello up there, little rock climber!

what IS it about white waves crashing against sharp rocks that is SO satisfying? on one of our last days before jordan flew to new york, we wandered through golden gate park, made a necessary stop at bob's donuts, and then braved the wind at land's end. it's reminiscent of the scenes we saw at big sur - massive cliffs soaring down to the churning ocean below. (for all of you seinfeld fans, "the sea was angry that day, my friends.")  a lot of people joke the california is the promised land - & although i'm not sure how i feel about that quite yet, it is really stealing my heart. 

although both jordan and i have both jumped into summer work, i am so grateful for the memories that we have been able to make over the last month. we have the greatest time together. 

somehow we have kept the anxiety about the future at bay (mostly) and have just really soaked in our one-on-one time. i noticed that we were extra careful to take care of each other during those last couple of days - little things like him running to the store alone so that i don't have to get dressed, me getting up early to make him breakfast, him cleaning up while i work out and giving me 1,000 back rubs. so many "i love you's" were shared, it was nothing short of barfy. i am really in love with my human, you guys - and really proud of his work ethic. it takes a special guy to be "excited" for 100 hour work-weeks. (he really did say that he was excited for the challenge and to see what long hours would be like. what a psycho, right??) even though it pains me to say it, i am excited for him to see his career goals realized. i have made a LOT of mistakes in my life, but not when it comes to choosing a husband. i done did myself good on that one. 


  1. This is so sweet. I love you two.

  2. amazing pictures! you're right - there is something about the sea crashing that is immensely satisfying and also slightly terrifying. you guys are TOO CUTE.

  3. I've heard that moving away from family and friends is the fastest way to make your relationship with your spouse even stronger. When the two of you are experiencing something new and kind of scary and you only have each other to lean on... it makes perfect sense. :) Love these photos by the way.


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