more of the golden city.

+ i promised myself i would spend as much time as humanly possible with jordan during our pre-internship break/holiday, and so i have severely neglected documentation of this time. (except on snapchat. i've been going HAM on snapchat, sorry friends.) but honestly, cuddling and exploring and eating and playing endless rounds of "would you rather" and watching all three jurassic parks in preparation for jurassic world have just been more important. jordan is training in nyc now (i've only had one breakdown so far!) and so i'm trying to remember favorite moments and memories of our two weeks of dream life. here they are:

+ on our last saturday, we drove across the bay bridge and went to the oakland temple - a much needed reminder of what we're even doing here, ya know? the best part was walking out to a) accidentally photobomb a wedding party - only one exit, sorry! and b) a sea of pink, sparkly quinsenera girls having photoshoots on the temple grounds. i have a feeling these quensenera photoshoots are going to be a theme for my summer in the bay. the picture above was the only one we snagged without some poof in it. (also - homeroom mac n cheese in oakland!)

+ we took a quick visit to the "tile steps project" in sunset - SO COOL & definitely worth a san francisco trip bucket list. we brought our tripod and took a few photos at varying points on the steps - jordan is very particular about photos and usually hates when strangers take them. we got to the bottom and the lesbian couple asked us, "so, are you guys taking engagements or something?" "nooooope, we just like pictures." face palm. 

+ we wandered the embarcadero and the ferry building on the only sunny day we've seen yet. (why you so cold and foggy and windy, SF??) we found some bomb ice cream (tahitian vanilla with bourbon caramel sauce, OHHH MY GAASH) and i used google maps to navigate us home on the bus all by ma-self. it was a productive day. 

+ we met up with some new friends in muir woods to wander around. those giant trees, man! it was worth the hour it took to find parking. ;)

+ on memorial day we went and saw pitch perfect, and afterwards wandered chestnut street - the shopping and dining street near our home that is to die for!! we ended up at this cozy little american bistro, where we sat by the window and people watched - and i ate the best cornbread OF MY LIFE. little sea salt flecks on top and i was dead. these points are turning into a food diary kind of? whoops.

+ speaking of food, we live across the street from fort mason, where they host "off the grid", a food truck monstrosity held every friday night. all of our bacon and grilled cheese and chicken taco dreams have been coming true, so there's that. 

+ we encountered our first "okay, this city is kind of a freak show" moment the other day in union square. there was a lady screaming expletives, nonstop, at the bus station. i mean for 7, 8 minutes straight maybe? then she got on our bus and continued the screaming. (she kept yelling, what are you looking at, blankity blank blank?" so i was too afraid to even turn my head.) to my surprise, people on the bus started complaining and at the next stop, the driver stood up to kick her off. collective fist bump for the sane humans! also see: tenderloin district. we drove a few streets out of curiosity one night. and surely, it is as scary as they all say. trash all over the street + homeless people galore + gangsters + drug deals errrrywhere. i am so glad i got a warning from a friend & we didn't end up signing on the apartment we looked at there. 

+ i bought a gym pass to a place called body rok here in the marina - it's a pilates and cycle studio and, as humiliating as this is to admit, i'm like tooootally the DUFF of that clique. my word! hot moms decked out in 100% lulu and i'm over there sporting my target cutoff and those ten pounds that have followed me since i broke my ankle. but i like the workout, so what do ya do. 

+ last week we got in the car and decided to drive over to the palace of fine arts - i guess the half mile walk was just a little too daunting that night. anyway, we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up driving across the bridge! what is my life that i take a wrong turn & end up driving to sausalito?! it was very exciting and there was lots of screaming involved. guys, i just really love it here. 


  1. Again, everything is just amazing!!

    But also... I'm glad there's other people out there as excited for Jurassic world as we are! 😆

  2. yay love it! And I just had an "a-ha" moment when you said tenderloin district. When we were there, we staid in Brisbane and had to take a bus into town. Our final stop was on 5th & Mission. Well one day we totally lost track of time and got to our bus stop at around 8pm- it started getting dark by that point. By the time the bus came we realized that we are one dollar short. So in desperate efforts to find an ATM, we made a mistake of circling around Market St and 6th @ 9 at night. I've never been so scared in my life. Everything was beat up (like their streets and even the ATMs were missing buttons) and there were so many drunks and homeless there. It was terrifying and to this day, I still don't know how we didn't get mugged. But then we walked back to our bus stop on 5th and Mission and it was like a different world (only a little bit slightly terrifying). That city is crazy and if you're not careful you will walk into some sketchy areas.

    1. sorry I'm always writing you novels haha. SF just fascinates me.

  3. Welcome to my favorite small city!!!

  4. yayayay keep writing all of your adventures! also i'm sorry that jordan is MIA this week (that's the worst), but you can console yourself WITH ALL THAT AMAZING FOOD OF WHICH YOU SPEAK.
    also, you are beautiful.

  5. Ah-HA!!! now I know your secret to perfect couple pictures! A tripod! What a good idea! But also, DUH BRISSA! of course you should use a tripod. Everything looks so magical and great. I can't wait to see your selfies.

  6. I'm so happy to see you loving it! The pictures are breath taking.

  7. Ok you lucky lady!! keep the pics coming because I am living vicariously through them!!! Hope you love it out there!!

  8. we just barely finished our wedding pics and then BOOM...quincenera girls all up in our biz. it's hilarious! muir woods is bomb! do you guys use a tripod for some pictures? or does he just ask lots of strangers until it's right? hahaha. i'm glad you guys had so much fun with his time off!! also, i need your snapchat...


  9. all of your pictures are amazingly beautiful! i feel like i'm living in s.f. through you & i like it a lot


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