taking stock 08.

loving: all of the facebook fights happening on my feed this weekend. some real genuine, juicy entertainment you guys.

but really: the only thing i have to say about all of the drama is this: “pure christlike love flowing from true righteousness can change the world.” -holland

succeeding: at pushing my way out with reporters at abc! being out in the field is seriously the funnest – doing interviews, learning, writing packages. the life of a reporter is the life for me. i was able to accompany a team to the warriors parade a week ago, and it was crowded and crazy and madness but it was my favorite day of work yet!

obsessed with: watercoloring. i’ve picked it back up & i am looovin it!

cooking: LOL i still don’t cook.

reading: through lion witch and the wardrobe again – those books are some of my favorites ever.

a little sad at: how quickly this summer is going by. i counted our saturdays left here, and they are running out too quick! we’ve got to really take charge of our bucket list situation here.  

wasting time: watching parenthood. i finally listened to the promptings of friends to watch it and it is NOT failing me. all of the feels!

getting better at: city driving! the first few weeks we were here, jordan drove everywhere and it’s the weirdest thing, being the passenger in a car is way scarier than being the driver. does anybody else experience this? i think it’s a lack of control thing. (i’m still a hot mess when it comes to parking, though.)

missing: utah summer. snowcones and the fair and hikes and swimming holes. missing utah in general - i'm excited to go back in fall to all of our good friends and the comfort i feel there. and for the LOVE i want a swig cookie and some cafe rio!!

appreciating: the sunshine i experienced yesterday in the south bay. as wonderful as sf is, the summer fog and wing is not always ideal. it was fun to escape and have it feel like summer for a second!

appreciating: the miniscule amount of time i am getting to spend with jordan. i am understanding that sentiment that you really start to appreciate something when it’s taken away from you. i want to laugh when we’re together, i want to have a good time, and i have fallen into this habit of always holding on to him – his arm or his hand – while we walk, while we sleep, while we watch a movie in bed, etc etc.

looking forward to: having guests! over the next few weeks we have four people coming to play with us in the bay! playing tour guide is the bomb.

excited: about the fourth – we bought a boat cruise over the bay so that we are UNDERNEATH the fireworks as they go off. underneath! also, sissy will be here and i love america! win win win.

 grateful for: the friends we have made here in the city. i really don’t know what we would do without them. 


  1. Girl, PARENTHOOD!!!! I just started this week, and I can't stop. Major addiction happening right here.

  2. show me your watercolor art plz
    and dude this utah summer is as hot as balls so don't worry you're not missing too much. :)

  3. That last picture.... wow... seriously makes me want to pack up my stuff right now and come out to SF!!! Also I think you are pretty amazing for working to become a reporter. That would seriously scare the crap out of me, so I admire you for being so brave and confident!

    1. Also way to go with being an artist and watercoloring. I completely lack any of those types of abilities.

  4. Parenthood yes! and I can totally understand appreciating the small amount of time you have with your husband, I have totally felt that this summer. I never wanted to let him go while he was here!


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