amazing moments from california.

+ jordan usually gets off around 10pm each friday night, so with me getting home about 6, i have a few hours to kill before we get to be reunited. (side note: often, jordan and i will go wednesday morning - friday night without physically seeing each other, and so when jordan gets home friday nights he will walk in the door and say, "i forgot what you looked like! you're so beautiful!" ha ha ha) so on this particular friday night, the excitement to see jordan was palpable, and i treated myself to my favorite cupcakes while i walked along the water near our home. the sunset was particularly saturated that night, it was perfectly framed by the golden gate,  there were a few white sailboats lazily floating by, i was listening to louis' "what a wonderful world" on repeat, and it was just this perfect moment where my heart grew a few sizes with love for this bay.

+ there's a one way street going north here called franklin, (we live right on the north tip of the peninsula) and although this may sound a little weirdy, i seriously am in LOVE with this street. each time i drive down it, i'm usually on my way home from something fun - making new friends, having a quick dinner with jordan, or spending time with my sf bff lindsay. since it's one way, i will hit like seven, eight, nine green lights in a row which is INCREDIBLY satisfying, and i'm usually just on a high from a good night in san fran, on my way home to my amazing apartment to cuddle up in my big bed. & that is why me and franklin street are real good buddies.

+ we live two blocks from chestnut street - where there are a ton of restaurants, a bunch of good shopping (heaven help us) and the gym i attend. each day as i walk down bay street, i turn left on filmore headed towards chestnut and if you look diagonally across the two streets, you can see straight down to a break in the houses. and in the break is one of the towers of the golden gate bridge. sometimes it's covered by fog, but when it's not - i get few butterflies. my love affair with that bridge is so real.

+ when it's feasible, we try to pray each morning before jordan or i leave for work. if jordan leaves early, he will come kneel next to my side of the bed and let me hug his neck and play with his hair while i start to wake up. he will give me these soft kisses on my cheeks and my nose and they are just these tiny little moments that have the entire world crammed into them. 

+ while driving to meet up with a friend in noe valley last week, a homeless dude was walking across the street during a green light. i waited patiently for him to cross, but when he got in front of my car he started banging the hood and screaming at me - i could pretty much only make out the profanities. after a minute or two, he stopped and hobbled away, but the point to this story is that i wasn't even phased! i was like, "dude, let it out" and then drove off with out so much as an increased heart rate. does this mean i'm ready for my "city girl" badge now?? #soproud


  1. OK I just realized you and I have the same sunglasses! Great taste, girl! Also I forever and always love your descriptions of the city, it sounds like such a magical place to live. I am thoroughly impressed with the way you handled that homeless man! I would totally be freaking out!!! But I guess after a while of living in that kind of a thing you get used to it? Haha. I have always lived in small towns and am not used to crazies like that. In fact I have determined I would be the worst city girl ever...

  2. I am a fan of Franklin :)
    When Craig and I were visiting SF, we named out little rental car after one of the streets because we loved it so much. Philbert was our bud! Looks LOVELY Kayla :)


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