happy list 12.

having my childhood BFF come visit me and showing her around san francisco // feeling like i know san francisco well enough to show her around & know what i'm doing! (most of the time) // buying a candy bra in the castro, and jordan laughing his head off when i show him the box. (insert the monkey emoji where he's covering his eyes) // finding the cutest street art - butterflies in alamo square and multi colored lips in hayes valley // GOOD PARKING // super duper burgers - they cook all their burgers medium so they're always pink and IMPOSSIBLY juicy. // finding a perfect striped tee at brandy melville (you can never have enough though) // moving friendship zones with someone - going from that "we are acquaintances who have hung out a few times" kind of friendship to "anytime you have a spare night let's get dinner and go to the beach, text me about the new swimsuit you bought, drop by late at night just to watch tv" friendship. it's the best. // smitten ice cream and bob's donuts and susie's cakes and ALL of the good dessert here // a clear, sunny few days where NONE of the bay was shrouded in fog and you can see everywhere. // staying busy at work //


  1. I'm so glad you're loving SF! Also. girl. your. dress. Where is it from???? So cute!

    xo, Kiely

    1. thanks girl! it's from urban :)

  2. candy bra i'm dying laughing.
    this is a good list.

  3. That first picture - wow what is that street??? Sounds like you are having an amazing time in SF. I feel like all the bloggers I follow are moving out there/already live there and it makes me want to go visit so bad and see all of these beautiful sights and eat all of the delicious food. Just keep writing about your awesome time there and I will just live vicariously through you? OK? Great.


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