i miss utah.

as serious as my love affair with san francisco truly is, i had a come to jesus meeting with myself the other day, and had to seriously admit it - i MISS utah!! guys, i would even be as dramatic to say that i yearn for utah some days. yearn is such a dramatic word, right? i miss the comfort i feel there, i miss most people understanding that it's OKAY to be 24 and married and not drink alcohol, i miss those mountains. and for heaven's sake, will someone mail me a swig cookie already??

jordan and i had spent the entirety of our married life in utah  up until may, although neither of us grew up or originate from utah. we built our own life there, and it's a happy life. we have routines, favorite spots, & killer friends. we have made some of my favorite memories of my existence right there in provo.

i know a lot of people complain about utah, and to be honest - i have made my fair share of snarky remarks about the place. i get it, those quirks haven't gone away and they probably never will.

although i don't think there's anything wrong with doing so and know that it's totally right for some, jordan and i have made a conscious choice to live our lives and raise a family outside of utah. i sincerely believe this choice will push us to be our best selves, and it's what we both want. so even though jordan and i have no plans of returning upon graduation -  i still have to say it. utah is a GOOD place, and i will tell anyone who asks! it's such a good place! it is a great place to feel comfortable and go to school and make friends and explore the outdoors. it's happy and homey and safe and friggin' beautiful. other things i miss worth mentioning - the roads are SO wide and are not cramped at all, generally you won't find 3+ crackheads chillin outside of your grocery store, no naked old men parading themselves at the beach, the air rarely smells like pot...

there are so, so many fantastic people to find in utah county, and i think the people that sit and complain about utah haven't gotten up off of their butts to find those people. (side note: i'm sure that a part of my longing for utah is tied up in the fact that jordan will go from 100 hour work weeks to a 6 credit school schedule when we make the move, hehe) 

i noticed a few months ago, when a co-worker made a very rude and totally exaggerated comment to me, "oh you live in utah valley?  i'm sooo sorry!"  first of all, barf. as a rational, polite human being why would you ever say that to someone? second, i realized that i am actually protective of my little provo bubble. sure, people have to do ring checks on teenagers and the entire place shuts down on sunday, but would you look at those mountains? do you know how nice it is not to have to lock your front door? i mean, have you even tasted the sweet pork at cafe rio?? come ON.

there are good things about EVERY place, and there are so many good things to be found in utah. i hope i i am the kind of person who will learn to appreciate and love every place i live in, but i definitely don't have to fake it about utah. i'm a little sad it's been such a long road for me to to get this point, but utah, here it is. i miss you i miss you i miss you! and i can't wait to see your face next month. we've got a lot to catch up on.


  1. hahaha WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. except your post is much more eloquent. I 100% agree with everything you've said here.

  2. ^^^^ Haha I was gonna say... Leah totally wrote this same post today too! Isnt Utah wonderful?! It's funny because right now I'm totally jealous of you guys living in San Fran while I'm here in Utah! But reading y'alls posts today has made me look at a different perspective. In fact I resolved today to come up with a 'Utah Bucket List' and appreciate what I have here rather than always longing for somewhere else.... I suppose distance really does make the heart grow fonder? Anyway thank you for sharing this! Glad you did :)

  3. I used to feel like I couldn't WAIT to get out of Utah. Then Russ and I decided that since he has a good job in Provo, we'll stick around for at least 5 years (or until he changes jobs) and then we'll revisit the idea of moving out of here. But then we bought our house, and now I feel like I could really go either way--moving out or staying here. Because Utah IS great, and I'm especially loving it down here in Springville, where we're out of the Provo bubble, but still close enough to everything :) So basically, that's just me saying yes, definitely, Utah is wonderful :)

  4. Seriously I have been feeling the exact same way about Logan lately. Like the other night I cried because I miss Logan so much and wonder if we made the right decision to move to Boise. I definitely don't actually want to move back there, but some days I would give anything to go back to our friends and routines. It's hard. Make the most of it during your last semester!

  5. First of all, YES. I've lived most of my life in Utah (other than a couple years in Las Vegas and a semester in London) and I absolutely love it. Second, every single picture in this post is gorgeous!! I'm so glad I found your blog.

    Adventures in Everyday Life

  6. utah and utah valley and its people miss you too and can't wait for you to get back. also, love to your fam as your dad is doing chemo. <3

  7. girl, i have a swig cookie in my fridge right now. i could have brought it to you!! hope we get to see you in utah!!

    xo, kiely

  8. i feel you!!! so well said!

    xo Emi


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