guys, i am obsessed with makeup and i am not ashamed. (i am, however, a little ashamed about my lauren conrad obsession, but that's not important or relevant.)

i have received sporadic emails over the past like, year asking me my preference on this, or my favorite color of that - and i have decided to put together a few of my favorite things. disclaimer: i am 100% not a makeup artist!! but.... i have spent a fair amount of time/money/resources trying to get my face to look pretty and polished. it's a lot of work, (first world problems?) but i actually really love it. i find something artistically pleasing in enhancing my face with eye-shadow and lipstick, and putting on a pretty face really makes me feel good about myself, like i can put my best foot forward.

so without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite makeup products, and a few tricks. i'm used to this space being a journal, so this is a little weird for me. (and i wish i was the kind of person who could upload a video of herself applying the actual makeup, but just... no. not for me. just no.)

a) estee lauder double wear foundation! after years of searching (i have been so generously blessed with large pores, uneven coloring, and some nasty chicken-pox scars) i finally landed my fingers on this product. there is no better coverage out there, i'm tellin ya. you need one tiny dot and it will give you the most beautifully-even skin.

b) ulta brand "flawless prime" primer. i started wearing benefit primer about a year ago, and i was like "eh" about it's effects. then i tried this stuff and i was all like, ah! silky smooth skin! my foundation glides right on! i need less foundation! it's also randomly the color green! it's more affordable than a lot of other primers out there, and i really think it works much better. 

c) maybelline great lash "lots of lashes" mascara in blackest black - this mascara will legit change your existence. the tiny brush coats your lashes from top to bottom without ever getting clumpy and it's so cheap. (i run through mascara like i run through milk - anyone else?)  one of my makeup artist friends taught me to a) start each stroke at the very base of your eyelashes, and go all the way to the tip, and b) coat both sides of your lashes for a much thicker, darker effect. both of those tips have served me well.

d) mac lipstick in "snob" - a fellow KSL intern introduced me to this color last summer! this lipstick is the perfect combo between "tried a little harder today" and "look like a retired clown who got into mom's makeup." it's the perfect pink - not too loud, not too neutral. on that mac lipstick note, i also really love "shy girl" - it enhances your natural lip color really well for a really subdued look. it's like a pinky orange-red? i can't identify the color, so i'll just tell you that it's pretty.

e)  benefit "hoola" bronzer - i am somewhat of a bronzer whore - i've dipped my toes into every pool, bronzer is my beauty crutch - i hate going without it! anyway, i keep coming back to this one. it's neutral, it's matte, it's not orange, and you can wear a little if you're just looking for a glow. but if you're like me, you can layer that shiz on to create a sun-goddess look. ;)

f) neutrogena healthy skin blush - what is this stuff?? blush? bronzer? miracle powder? i don't know, but it's a perfect blend of pinks and browns - it works no matter your level of summer tan, and creates a perfectly naturally looking glow. i like to layer a little on my cheeks over my bronzer.

g) urban-decay glide on eye pencil - i am a little ashamed to admit how many colors i have this in. maybe 7 or 8?  it glides on in a crayon-like fashion, you can layer it if you want a darker eye, and it stays put pretty flawlessly. i prefer less of a "harsh" line when it comes to eyeliner, and this provides a pretty soft look. also, sparkle and non sparkle options in most colors, for when you're feely angsty vs diva-ish. also - the purple comes out a lot less "80's" than you would think, i promise.

h) urban decay de-slick powder - i've got a nice, slick t-zone (are you jealous of my skin yet?) and i had been looking for years for a powder to cover that up without adding an extra layer of flesh-colored goop to my face. enter the beauty snoop! i met megan summer and she swore up and down by this powder - it's white, but goes on translucent and mops up any oil ya got going on! (beware: this powder breaks up easily, so be gentle when throwing it around your makeup bag.)

i) benefit big beautiful eyes set - so, just to be straight - i am not super good at eye shadow, no matter how many youtube videos i watch! but my makeup wizard friend jessica taught me how to pump up my eye makeup game without having to be this talented. i use this benefit kit and, using the straight brush that comes with it or an angled brush, i dip in the dark brown and start to build on my top eyeliner. i keep applying until i feel like it's "dramatic" enough - it gives you the drama of thick eyeliner without the mess of trying to apply it! (the shadow creates a much softer line that is easy to fix if you have a shaky hand.) the good thing about this is, even if you over-apply - it still looks pretty good!

j) bare minerals eye shadow in iced coffee - when i am applying a little eye shadow to the creases in my eyes, this is a soft-shimmery color that mixes with anything! (couldn't find a link to this product, but it was purchased at ulta!)

k) it cosmetics liner love - i would bet my life on a few products - crystal light energy packets, "it's a 10"leave in conditioner, and this eyeliner pot! (i like the mac option too, although i think it's slightly less pigmented.) this one stays put, keeps it's color, and even has eyelash serum in it to help them stay healthy!? i keep it in black and brown, depending on my mood and my outfit. (do people still match their outfit with their makeup or am i stuck in the 7th grade?) (i use an it cosmetics angled brush to apply.)

l) benefit fake up concealer - this concealer is the only one that doesn't crease under your eyes and make you look like an old woman by the time 3pm rolls around! one time i woke up at 2am for work and i got told i looked "fresh" when i walked in - that's how good this stuff is.

m) ulta super blender - instead of springing for a real beauty blender (25 bucks for a sponge, barf) i bought the 4.99 knockoff version and it's served me well! at first i used the wrong end of it, total LOL moment, but it really does create a nice, smooth finish to your foundation that i haven't been able to create with any other product or brush. (just can't get on board with the foundation brushes, it weirds me out.)

n) anastasia brow wiz - ok ok, everyone is talking about this and it's the trendy eyebrow product of the moment, blah blah blah. it's for a pretty good reason though - this pencil creates real eyebrow hairs! not really, but it sure looks like it! coming to you at 21 dollars a pop, i have learned to conserve it. i use a brow kit and an old angled brush to fill my brows in, (that kit will last you upwards of 30 years probably) and then use the pencil to create some prettier, more defined edges. (not every day though, only on my fancy days.) it's important to note here that i really only have one leg on this eyebrow train - a) i'm not even that good at making them look all arched and pretty, and b) i just can't seem to shake the impression that girls look like transvestites (or at the least, a little manly) when they're eyebrows are too dark and bushy. so go ahead & take my eyebrow advice with a grain of salt.

o) benefit roller lash mascara - with a few exceptions, benefit is my favorite line of products, as if that weren't obvious. their products are good on sensitive skin, their fairly "heavy duty" and last a long time - totally worth the price tag. the retro packaging doesn't hurt, either. so when you can splurge a little on mascara, this is the one! (and although i haven't bought it in years, diorshow black out will give you some pretty epic lashes, too) this mascara does a great job at separating and coating your lashes, and you can wear several coats without creating that beloved "spidey-lashes" effect that so many 13 year old are still sportin.

p) watt's up! highlighter - this is the MOST concentrated highlighter that goes from cream to powder. you only need the TINIEST bit underneath your eyebrows and on your inner corners and pop! opens those eyes right up. (i got a mini one as a birthday gift from sephora and i've been using it for over a year!!)

and if you guys have any suggestions or recommendations for me, send them this way! i love finding new makeup from friends.

and now for an awkward selfie to show you my makeup:


  1. ok thank you so much for writing this! I have been needing a makeup refresh. I've been eyeing that estee lauder foundation for some time now and I'm definitely gonna go buy it as soon as my current foundation runs out. you always look so gorgeous!

  2. "instead of springing for a real beauty blender (25 bucks for a sponge, barf)" I laughed too hard at this! So true, the knock off's usually work just as good!!

  3. this is a VERY good list my friend. though i still think you should do a video.

  4. LC is mah girl!!! Also, "it's a 10" rocks my socks.

    xo, k

  5. You are GORGEOUS. Also I too go through mascara like I go through milk, haha! I'm also one of those people who have been using the exact same products since I was literally like 16. So maybe it's time that I branched out.... I do like the sounds of letters e,f and p! I literally use almost nothing for my skin so some bronzers and highlighters might do me some good :)

  6. I too am obsessed and I'd add, totes jealous of Miss LC, so no need to be embarrassed. Also, these make-up suggestions are pretty much amazing as I too have probably tried almost every brand under the sun. You are adorable and I am loving your blog :)


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