our independence day.

our fourth plans had been in the works for while – my sissy was visiting and i wanted to make the day one to remember! we slept in, rode the bart to oakland and went to an a’s game! for the first time this summer, we got legit SUN. it was HOT and it felt SO GOOD!! (the bay is usually foggy during the summer) our seats were about 6 rows up and we all got a little burnt while we ate our stadium food. during the seventh inning stretch, a marine sang “god bless america” and i was thinking, “do i get more american than i am in this moment?” i don’t think so. jordan was incredibly pleased with our day including sports, which always makes me happy. oh, and the a’s won!

we went home to nap off our sun intake, then headed down to the wharf. we boarded a boat cruise out onto the bay, where we circled around underneath the golden gate bridge, right next to alcatraz, and then nestled by the bay bridge to wait for the fireworks. we weren’t sure where they were going to be shot off from, so we circled the boat and crowded people, trying to decide where the best view would be. (me and ashlyn performed a few dance numbers while we waited for the fireworks, i’m sure to the amusement of the other boat passengers) then at 9:30, surprise! they lit off the fireworks from an aircraft carrier RIGHT NEXT TO OUR BOAT. there literally wasn’t a bad spot in the place and the fireworks were crazy close! the boat’s speakers blared patriotic music, the boat swayed, & the water sparkled blue, pink, red, yellow, orange. it was pretty epic.  

as we walked home from pier 49 after the fireworks, through throngs of people, i decided that although our fourth was a blast, it didn’t really FEEL like the fourth. maybe it’s because we weren’t with our parents? or because there were no illegally purchased fireworks set off? and no bbq? there was nothing “home-townish” about the day? it was a weird feeling, but i guess this is being an adult, right? making new traditions and deciding how YOU want to celebrate. i love our new city and i love my sister and i LOVE my boy, so i really can’t complain about anything. ;) (except for how long the in n out line was after the fireworks, uhhhh.)


  1. One of my favorite fourth of Julys was spent in San Francisco! Sounds like the perfect day, even minus the bbq :)


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