the perfect saturday.

jordan's bank has "protected saturday's" - and the promise of whole day just the two us - to sleep in, explore the city, talk for hours, and make out a lot - has been invaluable. as much as i love my weekdays, i LIVE from saturday to saturday, and my summer has been measured by these days.

anyway. a few weeks ago - we started off the day by sleeping in - me until about 9, jordan until 12:30. (poor dude had pulled an all-nighter earlier in the week, so he deserved it.) we met up with kiely and her husband isaac at our favorite deli for some lunch, and then headed to golden gate park for rowboats!

the day was sunny and still, stow lake is totally dreamy, and kiely and isaac are seriously the cutest. (also jordan rowed me around the lake while i sat back and enjoyed the breeze, so that was pretty great, too.)

while we were out on the boat, we realized there was a giant's game that evening - and it was the last home game we would be able to attend! without any hesitation, we ditched our half moon bay plans and bought tickets online. after a quick stop at target (obviously you can't go to the giants game without some gear) we called an uber to at&t park!

at&t park is incredible - there isn't a bad seat in the house (hello stunning views of the bay) and the food there is OUT OF THIS WORLD. (i didn't try the famous garlic fries, and now have deep regrets about it.) the game was especially exciting and we even met up with kiely and isaac in the seventh inning stretch since they were there, too! i could hardly keep my eyes open during the taxi home, and then we zonked out, full of good food and completely worn out. 


  1. Ummm famous garlic fries???? YUM! You should have definitely tried those, haha. Also those rowboats and that park! I need to go there!!!


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