August 27, 2015

LP was a GT.

this was my maiden voyage as a stastny to lake powell! jordan has been going every year since he was like 12, and getting to partake in his childhood traditions is always a great time. (jordan had the most magical childhood + group of boyhood friends who were always making up imaginative games, going on big ward trips, and generally having magical lives.) jordan is usually a pretty reserved, professional guy - but when he meets up with these boys all of his goofy is let out of the cage. I LOVE IT.

we spent the week surfing, tubing, paddle boarding, swimming, having girl talk on the back of the boat, playing card games (all of the card games!!) and laying on a big blow up island we named "tahiti village."

my two favorite memories were as follows: 1. one night, me, jordan, and jordan's aunt steph (who i could not be more obsessed with) were having a deep talk on the top of the house boat before bed. we talked about education, post-earthly life, how machines will run the world someday, time continuums, how dinosaurs fit into the plan of salvation, you know. the works. then we saw a shooting star. and then another one. and another! (we were informed later that there was supposed to be a meteor shower!) i think we counted a few dozen before we fell asleep, but there was one that literally lit up the entire sky. it was seriously, literally, madness. i thought maybe an asteroid was about to blow up the earth? anyway - it was beautiful, and definitely a top 5 earth moment. go planet!

2. we spent a few nights playing the "glow stick game" - a real creative name right? you play rock paper scissors as a group until you get one loser. then someone throws a glow stick as far as they can into the black water and the loser has to swim and get it. so like, basically i'm pretty sure the boys made it up as 5 year olds, but it was crazy fun! and it might sound like a little granny-ish that this was slightly "thrilling" for me - but jumping into the inky water at night makes you catch your breath.

we love you, LP!

August 26, 2015

happy list 13.

+ being back in UTAH! i'm going to level with you, i really do miss san francisco. i miss my friends there and that city. but UTAH! zupas! swig! old friends! free parking! and THOSE MOUNTAINS. i can't even get over them - we live RIGHT up in their business now, and i get to enjoy them every day.

+ can swig oatmeal chocolate chip cookies get their own separate line? i think it's important that they do.  

+ my sister lives in provo now!!! she has been staying with us for a few days while she is in transition, and it has been glorious!  (and not just because she did our dishes for us twice in one day.) i love having her close.

+ having a 2 bedroom apartment, which we never have had before! (read: being able to throw all the crap you don't know what to do with in there.)

+ the cream filled malasadas from the clark island donut's food truck. I COULD DIE.

+ only being a few minutes late to 8:30 church yesterday. huzzah for that.

+ sunday walks to the temple.

+ although it was madness for a second, i loved being able to drive straight for SF to LP and enjoy some family bonding and sunshine before we headed back to provo. we had a BLAST.

+ taking a night with j to just drive through the mountains and listen to some louis armstrong. the mountains smell SO GOOD and they are SO GREEN. they are just magic.

+ getting to meet up with dear friends.

+ the episode of HIMYM where they have interventions for each other, and also quoting it incessantly with jordan. 

+ when jordan dip-kisses me on my way out the door.

+ free yoga classes at the slc library.

+ a selfie stick photo-shoot turned laughing so hard we couldn't breathe with sissy. (and really, i know selfie sticks are so ridiculous but they are also totally handy...?? anyone else?)

+ jordan's beard when it get really long and mountain-manish. it's surprisingly softer the longer that it gets and i find myself stroking it absent-mindedly. (affectionate or creepy? we will never know.)

+ sleeping with a fan. SLEEPING WITH A FAN!! i could write an entire post on this, but why did it take us so long to partake of fan glory?? we bought one in SF because no AC + noisy street, and i can't imagine ever sleeping without it. the white noise drowns out anyone leaving early or arriving late, and the dreamy breeze on my face. the breeze! it has made sleep (which can be struggle-bus central for me) a lot cozier and easier.

August 7, 2015

my guide to the bay.

i know i have only lived here for three months, but i did visit three other times before we moved here - and i got around this summer! because i only worked part time, i spent a lot of my days off finding good eats with girlfriends, wandering neighborhoods alone, or escorting myself to museums. if you're headed out to the bay anytime soon, here's the best things to do see and eat, according to kayla.

1. my golden girl. we have already established that i have a weird obsession with this bridge, but it is certainly the most iconic part of san francisco. the best views of my beauty are (in order) 1. lookout points in sausalito, (i'm talking about the ones that you turn onto right before you get back on the bridge headed into the city, i think it's called "battery spencer") 2. kirby cove, 3. baker beach, and 4.the pavilon. there are a lot of parking lots around the area of the pavilion that boast insane views, with less of the crowd. no matter where, or the amount of fog - she is GORG.

2. the best views of the city itself are (also in order) 1. twin peaks, 2. treasure island, 3. top of the mark hotel, 4. bernal heights park, and 5. my friend lindsay's apartment complex in diamond heights.

3. golden gate park is SO MASSIVE - every time i've ventured in i have a specific plan of where i'm going and what i'm there to see. you can't really just wander. i've loved the japanese tea gardens, the botanical gardens, and the de young museum - but since it's $8 a pop, i try to find the "free days" that occur each month. we also loooved the rowboats on stow lake, it was totally romantic.

4. my favorite "touristy" thing to do in the city is catching a trolley on nob hill and riding it all the way down to the water. california street is crazy steep and has the most breathtaking views of downtown and the bay bridge. you hang off the side of the trolley, listen to the trolley bell ringing, and let the wind blow in your hair. it's san francisco perfection. when you get to the bottom, have lunch at the ferry building (my favorite SF building!) and shop the cute little stands & markets surrounding it. then ride the trolley back up!

5. sf always has something free going on - a concert in golden gate park, yoga in a cathedral, movies in a rooftop lounge, meditation instruction... has been a very valuable resource.

6. land's end and sutro baths - the views are dramatic and reminiscent of "big sur" - but you don't even have to leave the city!

7. hang out in the marina - i'm probably a little biased, but this neighborhood ROCKS! you can walk along the water, take in some stellar views of the bridge and alcatraz, take a quick stroll through the palace of fine arts, and then stop for food and shopping on chestnut street. (causwells, super duper and tacolicious are my personal favorites.) the best view of the marina is from the top of the lyon street steps, but if you're not feeling like getting sweaty make sure you drive to the top!

8. here's a dessert run down, because who needs real food when there's good dessert to be had? #priorities - you won't want to miss ghiradelli (duhhhhh) bob's donuts on polk street (open 24 hours a day, get the crumb donut!) susie cakes for the most decadent cupcakes you've ever had, (on chestnut) smitten ice cream, CREAM ice cream sandwhiches, and hot cookie on castro street - but be careful about looking at the pictures on the walls, unless you enjoy seeing gay porn on accident.

somehow i don't have any pictures of food on my camera roll?? i guess maybe i don't want to be reminded of how much dessert i eat? so here's a picture of some street art outside of smitten ice cream :)

9. when you're feeling like wandering a neighborhood and taking pictures of the CUTEST houses, here are your best options: noe valley, pacific heights, russian hill, presidio, ashberry heights, and nob hill. (nob hill is the most "regal" and the most "san francisco" of all the neighborhoods!)

10. take a picture of the mosaic steps, the hydrangas on lombard, the painted ladies, and the princess diaries school that is actually a house. (ordered by cool-ness.)

11. if you're wanting a little "escape" from the city feel, try mt. davidson, (reminds me of being in the PNW) the woods around presidio, or bernal heights park.

12. if you're wanting to avoid the most "touristy" places in the city, steer clear of chinatown, fisherman's wharf, and union square. they can be fun, but prepare yourself for masses of selfie sticks and fanny packs! if you go - get a lobster roll in fisherman's wharf,  see how fortune cookies are made in chinatown, and shop zara in union square. (and the cheesecake factory above macy's has a pretty sweet view of the skyscrapers.)

13. if you can go to a giant's game, at&t park is unparalleled and fans are super intense. stellar views of the bay + delightful food = one happy kayla. (garlic fries and tony's pizza, please & thank you.)

14. maybe we've just had good luck this summer, but the sunsets here are UN-REAL. especially the ones over the water - try to find a good spot to enjoy the pink sky if you can.

15. and lastly, if you can get out on the water - DO IT! take a ferry (get to alcatraz if you can - it's pretty great and you can kill two birds with one stone, but it books up so fast) or a sailboat to enjoy the smell of the ocean and the views of the bay. you guys, it is STUNNING out there. this city is a magical place!

August 5, 2015


i think this will go down as my favorite thing we have ever done in the bay - or at least make it into the top three. i bought a groupon at the beginning of the summer, and our sunday sail finally arrived! the day was clear and balmy and the bay was unusually calm. (i literally think we picked the ONE non-windy day to sail, so we actually had to motor-around a lot but who cares right?? the sail was up and we were on the water!) the views of the city, both bridges, and alcatraz were all spectacular - there wasn't a shred of fog in the sky. the boat just kind of meandered through the bay - it was so relaxing that jordan laid back fell asleep for a few minutes. 

you know when you love something so much that you sometimes tear up when you see it? like the first christmas tree getting lit up in november, ore returning to your childhood home? that's how i get when i see the golden gate bridge. i don't know what it is but i just love that freakin bridge! sailing underneath it was so beautiful - it got me a little misty. this is just the most magical place and seeing that beautiful red bridge hasn't even come close to getting old yet. we love you, sf. 

August 2, 2015

our sf apartment.

we drive to lake powell one week from today (!!) and leave this dream of an apartment behind. to the courtyard pool, the way the sunlight poured in and lit up the whole place, the safeway across the street, the view of fort mason from our windows, the 5 minute walk to chestnut street, the views of the golden gate, and the smell of the bay through our open windows -- i love you and you will never be forgotten. (to the homeless crackheads outside safeway and the humidity from our closeness to the water.....i can do without you guys. sorry.)

oh hello!