happy list 13.

+ being back in UTAH! i'm going to level with you, i really do miss san francisco. i miss my friends there and that city. but UTAH! zupas! swig! old friends! free parking! and THOSE MOUNTAINS. i can't even get over them - we live RIGHT up in their business now, and i get to enjoy them every day.

+ can swig oatmeal chocolate chip cookies get their own separate line? i think it's important that they do.  

+ my sister lives in provo now!!! she has been staying with us for a few days while she is in transition, and it has been glorious!  (and not just because she did our dishes for us twice in one day.) i love having her close.

+ having a 2 bedroom apartment, which we never have had before! (read: being able to throw all the crap you don't know what to do with in there.)

+ the cream filled malasadas from the clark island donut's food truck. I COULD DIE.

+ only being a few minutes late to 8:30 church yesterday. huzzah for that.

+ sunday walks to the temple.

+ although it was madness for a second, i loved being able to drive straight for SF to LP and enjoy some family bonding and sunshine before we headed back to provo. we had a BLAST.

+ taking a night with j to just drive through the mountains and listen to some louis armstrong. the mountains smell SO GOOD and they are SO GREEN. they are just magic.

+ getting to meet up with dear friends.

+ the episode of HIMYM where they have interventions for each other, and also quoting it incessantly with jordan. 

+ when jordan dip-kisses me on my way out the door.

+ free yoga classes at the slc library.

+ a selfie stick photo-shoot turned laughing so hard we couldn't breathe with sissy. (and really, i know selfie sticks are so ridiculous but they are also totally handy...?? anyone else?)

+ jordan's beard when it get really long and mountain-manish. it's surprisingly softer the longer that it gets and i find myself stroking it absent-mindedly. (affectionate or creepy? we will never know.)

+ sleeping with a fan. SLEEPING WITH A FAN!! i could write an entire post on this, but why did it take us so long to partake of fan glory?? we bought one in SF because no AC + noisy street, and i can't imagine ever sleeping without it. the white noise drowns out anyone leaving early or arriving late, and the dreamy breeze on my face. the breeze! it has made sleep (which can be struggle-bus central for me) a lot cozier and easier.


  1. Omg do you live by the Provo temple? My school is two blocks west of the mtc! So glad you are back!

  2. Haha I feel ha on the 2 bedroom apartment - second bedroom totally made storage room! It's really too bad!! - and sleeping with a fan! Can't sleep without it!! (Our apartment is right off Provo center street freeway exit. Ugh)

  3. Yay!! All your happy things make me happy! And now that you're back in Provo, we really need to meet up for real before you leave after graduating! :)

    i'm down to hang out whenevuhhh bc i need to hear all about your summer of fun


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