LP was a GT.

this was my maiden voyage as a stastny to lake powell! jordan has been going every year since he was like 12, and getting to partake in his childhood traditions is always a great time. (jordan had the most magical childhood + group of boyhood friends who were always making up imaginative games, going on big ward trips, and generally having magical lives.) jordan is usually a pretty reserved, professional guy - but when he meets up with these boys all of his goofy is let out of the cage. I LOVE IT.

we spent the week surfing, tubing, paddle boarding, swimming, having girl talk on the back of the boat, playing card games (all of the card games!!) and laying on a big blow up island we named "tahiti village."

my two favorite memories were as follows: 1. one night, me, jordan, and jordan's aunt steph (who i could not be more obsessed with) were having a deep talk on the top of the house boat before bed. we talked about education, post-earthly life, how machines will run the world someday, time continuums, how dinosaurs fit into the plan of salvation, you know. the works. then we saw a shooting star. and then another one. and another! (we were informed later that there was supposed to be a meteor shower!) i think we counted a few dozen before we fell asleep, but there was one that literally lit up the entire sky. it was seriously, literally, madness. i thought maybe an asteroid was about to blow up the earth? anyway - it was beautiful, and definitely a top 5 earth moment. go planet!

2. we spent a few nights playing the "glow stick game" - a real creative name right? you play rock paper scissors as a group until you get one loser. then someone throws a glow stick as far as they can into the black water and the loser has to swim and get it. so like, basically i'm pretty sure the boys made it up as 5 year olds, but it was crazy fun! and it might sound like a little granny-ish that this was slightly "thrilling" for me - but jumping into the inky water at night makes you catch your breath.

we love you, LP!


  1. Please tell me that picture of you with sunglasses and a black headband is on the first day and you don't look that flawless after being on a houseboat for a week. The thought of jumping into black water makes me nervous. YOURE SO BRAVE. lake Powell is really the best.


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