our sf apartment.

we drive to lake powell one week from today (!!) and leave this dream of an apartment behind. to the courtyard pool, the way the sunlight poured in and lit up the whole place, the safeway across the street, the view of fort mason from our windows, the 5 minute walk to chestnut street, the views of the golden gate, and the smell of the bay through our open windows -- i love you and you will never be forgotten. (to the homeless crackheads outside safeway and the humidity from our closeness to the water.....i can do without you guys. sorry.)

oh hello!


  1. So cute!! Crazy how fast your time went, that's probably not how you feel haha but to me it seemed so short! So jelly about lake powell!

  2. whatttt you're not gonna miss your safeway homeboys?! hahaha seriously the cutest apartment ever!


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