i think this will go down as my favorite thing we have ever done in the bay - or at least make it into the top three. i bought a groupon at the beginning of the summer, and our sunday sail finally arrived! the day was clear and balmy and the bay was unusually calm. (i literally think we picked the ONE non-windy day to sail, so we actually had to motor-around a lot but who cares right?? the sail was up and we were on the water!) the views of the city, both bridges, and alcatraz were all spectacular - there wasn't a shred of fog in the sky. the boat just kind of meandered through the bay - it was so relaxing that jordan laid back fell asleep for a few minutes. 

you know when you love something so much that you sometimes tear up when you see it? like the first christmas tree getting lit up in november, ore returning to your childhood home? that's how i get when i see the golden gate bridge. i don't know what it is but i just love that freakin bridge! sailing underneath it was so beautiful - it got me a little misty. this is just the most magical place and seeing that beautiful red bridge hasn't even come close to getting old yet. we love you, sf. 


  1. This is so absolutely perfect.

  2. AMAZING. seriously, boat rides on the water of any city are always a highlight of my trips. this sailing excursion looks absolutely magical!


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