anniversary celebration.

the saturday before our anniversary, we sprung for a night at the grand - it's on our utah bucket list and this was the perfect excuse! we checked in almost the second we were able to, jumped on the bed, tried on the robes, you know - and headed to dinner.

we spent our meal discussing all the of adventures and accomplishments of our last year of marriage - we worked A TON, but we have packed in a LOT of fun, too. this last year was certainly a year of growth for our marriage, and added more depth to our relationship that the first two years didn't. we made big decisions, moved to a brand new city and killed it, and then made even more big decisions. i pretty much want to punch anyone who uses the term "power couple" about themselves - but i feel like we are becoming a pretty stellar team.

that night i let jordan watch his tivo'ed byu game (because i am a good wife) and the next morning we ordered room service breakfast. (it was heinously expensive, so i was expected a pretty impressive spread of food, but instead 5 mini pastries and a tiny fruit plate were wheeled in. haha!)


our actual anniversary landed on tuesday of that week. last year, we took a trip to NYC for our anniversary, so on the actual day we just got in n out and watched the sunset. (the classic stastny date.) since we had most of the day free, we preluded our in n out date with a sundance picnic.

and that concluded anniversary celebrations, so we started birthday celebrations the next day :) i love september!


  1. I love September too!! And an in n' out picnic at sundance??? How perfect!

  2. I just love your life and you two. Just stopping by to say that I still read


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