+ my friend annie's perfectly squishy babe, rosalie.
+ the lantern festival out at bonneville seabase was actually better organized and more magical than i expected - SO WORTH IT. they played "bittersweet symphony" as the we let go of our lanterns and it was pretty dang cozy. (people kept letting go of their lanterns too early and they would run into people. we didn't see anyone's hair catch on fire so we were allowed to laugh.)
+ my cute birthday boy with his yearly request, costco chocolate cake.
+ ashlyn and i getting my birthday pedicure, and wearing matching outfits at the fair, because we're sisters and i think it is adorable of us.

 + one of my favorite birthday wishes from daniel. anybody else miss the rainbow barf snapchat? why do they keep changing them?
+ we have resumed our REAL game obsession. in this game, i witnessed a head-bump goal & it was epic.
+ chalk the block is one of my favorite provo events - i thought this was the coolest one!
+ my cute friend kylie at an exhibit opening. she does marketing and pr for the BYU moa and she NAILED IT. love this lady.
+ when we asked a stranger to snap the top left photo, we asked her to please get the ferris wheel in the picture. this is what we got. oh, well. 
+ the salt lake italian festival (that gelato, ohhh my) with my girl kirsten.  
+ my polaroid got obliterated in san francisco this summer, but my MIL got me a mini for my birthday. this was the inagural photo i sent her! 
+ a top of the ferris wheel selfie. 

+ my utah state kitties at a bridal shower for madi. these girls are my people.
+ a sunday drive up to guardsman pass! LOOK AT THAT YELLOW. look at the yellow scattered in with the pine trees! i don't know if those views will be beat this year. i was so pleased - i'm going to miss this next year!



  2. You fit so much fun into your life! I love that you are always doing fun stuff :) Also, I am so very sad I missed that lantern event :'(

    And thanks for your comment on my blog the other day . . . you are the sweetest! :)


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