the last of my golden city.

here, in no particular order, are the last of our summer photos! GEE WIZ THIS WAS THE BEST SUMMER EVER!! i apologize that so many of them are of me - that's what happens when your husband only likes to take the photos. 

on our last day in SF, we house hunted, (the wild berry pop tart house and my favorite, the pink house, are both in ashberry heights) walked up to bernal heights park for one last view of that skyline, and tried the MOST incredible southern food at "the front porch."

we spent an afternoon at the conservatory of flower in golden gate park. besides the japanese tea gardens, i think this was my favorite spot in the park!

i worked sunday nights all summer, and on my last day i got off around 10pm. instead of heading home like usual, i wandered around my office and ended up on the pier, looking up at the skyline. there was nobody else around, and i took about an hour to reflect on my summer - work and the city.

speaking of work, i don't think i have totally appreciated how BOMB my summer internship was. there were a lot of parts about it that were tougher than i imagined, and there were really un-glamorous and totally boring days, but overall WOW. that station is an incredibly well oiled machine and getting to play a small role was really rewarding. i love the news and my passion for telling stories grew 10 times!

last selfie in our marina apartment. 

in a last-ditch effort to squeeeeze out all the summer fun i could, lindsay (my SF BFF) and i attended the temple, food truck nights, spent a night in chinatown, took pictures at the mosaic steps, and had taco tuesday with a big group of girls. leaving that group of girls was tough - walking away from hilarious, down to earth girls that you totally click with? it seems like such a waste. 

i ran the lyon street steps one last time. (and the house below is the actually the school from princess diaries. whenever i would pass it i would say, "the QUEEN is coming. to grove high school.")

more city scenes. ^^^ that picture is really low quality but look at the crack in the buildings - the ferry building! my favorite!

my friend kirsten took a few photos of us around our neighborhood, and i am in love with them. that girl has the most creative eye. can't wait to share more!

^^^ this is my friend bailey's little angel JD. gosh i love that baby. these photos were taken at the palace of fine arts by natalie, and i screenshotted them off her blog. thanks, natalie ;)

flower-lined streets, heart eyes. 

(excuse my squinting) last sunday at our cute building! we were blessed with the sweetest ward, and i spent a lot of my free time out teaching with the missionaries, which was SO great for me. 

we met up with the clark's in nob hill one saturday and went up to the rooftop lounge at the mark hopkin's hotel. YOU GUYS. we didn't end up getting any pictures that did justice to that view, so you'll just have to take my word for it. the city sparkled from that high up. we ordered dessert and talked our boys into dancing with us (slow dancing only for jordan) to the live band. i've never felt quite as classy as i did that night. 

^^^ totally hit it off with another abc intern, kim. she had this long island accent that was to die for. 

we headed south one saturday (with all the SF BYU bankers in tow) to santa cruz! it was a little crowded for my taste, but sand in my toes and dippin dots in my belly? it was a grand day. 

i have already posted these, but they are my favorite photos from the summer. the ritz at half moon bay, twin peaks, and the two best views of the golden gate. 

& i'll send you out with an absurd amount of house photos, because what else am i good for? i probably spent half my summer wandering neighborhoods and creepin on other people's houses, it's got to be good for something! ;)


  1. I spy the old navy swing dress I <3 so much :) :) :)


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