"the newsroom" - also beyonce is queen.

some thoughts - in no particular order, of very little significance, and having almost nothing to do with each other:

+ the pope is landing in DC today. i logged almost 12 hours worth of video preparatory to his visit over the summer, typing up dozens of interviews about his life, his policies, how he has paved the way for a new age of catholicism. i love that he grew up in poverty and can speak to it's effects, and i love how sweet he is without shying away from tough love. although john paul may always be my favorite pope, francis trails closely behind. i'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say to congress.

+ our RS lesson this past sunday was on pride, & it was one of those lessons where pretty much all of it was directed at me - the reminder to care most about what god thinks of me, and to stop obsessing over what others think could not have come at a better time. this talk that lesson was based on is pure and solid GOLD.

+ i started watching the HBO show "the newsroom" for my case studies class - despite some bad language, that show is amazing, i mean it. besides "good night and good luck" i think it's the best entertainment piece we have surrounding TV journalism. i have watched the first 8 minutes of the first scene of the first episode at least a dozen times and it still gives me chills. (go find it on youtube!) the inner workings of network TV are so fascinating and, i guess i get really attached to the idea that a few people can make a dent in the problem that is privatized news. anyway, that's a little rant that probably nobody cares about - but i guess what i'm trying to say is that journalism and news gathering and the democratic process gives me LIFE.

+ i *accidentally* snapped at one of our IT guys the other day. he was trying to inform me about how "banks tell you that jordan will only work 70 hours, but just you wait" & "i bet he never works an hour under 80 for the rest of his life" i just put up my hand and said, "look. i appreciate what you're trying to do here, but i promise you that we have done more research than you, and i have a better idea of what we're getting into than you." an observer of the conversation started laughing and commented that SURELY, it wasn't my first time getting a "warning." but really, why does in IT guy think he can tell me what banking life is like?? how would he know?! why do people do this?? it's super rude and also they have no clue what they are talking about?? i put my sassy pants on REAL FAST whenever people do this. i don't get it. BYE FELICA. (a little behind on that one, i know.)

+ i have been toying with the idea of shutting this little blog down, at least for a little bit. i sometimes feel like i am losing my ability to be introspective and to be fully aware of myself - my feelings, my goals. it's really easy for blog writing to take a front seat while my personal journal, full of the dirty details, is cast aside. and in my quest to be more in touch with myself, i think closing this little space for a while could help by forcing me to share my thoughts with only myself.

+ i didn't watch the emmy's because we watch fear the walking dead, but i liked this article about amy poehler and i would just like to say that leslie knope is the most incredible fictional character to exist outside of hermione granger. and that is the gospel truth.

+ i get that taylor swift is cool, and i even would call myself a fan. but this is not taylor's world. IT IS BEYONCE'S. and how dare any of you suggest otherwise.

+ the air is turning crispy and delicious and every morning when i leave the house, it bites my ankles and the tops of my ears. i can almost HEAR the leaves turning yellow (sounds like a crinkling noise, but also like coldplay playing in the background) and FALL IS APPROACHING!! GET PUMPED!


  1. ahhhh i'll be so sad if you shut down your blog! i truly love reading it, but i can get where you're coming from at the same time. blogging definitely takes up time & i've noticed the same lack of writing in my actual journal too, it's weirdly difficult to do both. i would have for suuuure gotten sassy wit hthe IT guy too, that's so annoying, people do the same thing to austin & i as if we have no clue what we're getting into if he goes the banking route. we know people, we do. also, i just like that you have a favorite pope.

  2. Totally hear ya about the RS lesson. We had the same one and it's been on my mind ever sense. Also - I'm so happy that you've found something in life that you're passionate about. Journalism is more than just telling stories, it's giving ideas (usually to the masses) and that's powerful.
    P.S. I love your blog. I feel its genuine and you show both vulnerability and confidence. I understanding needing a break from it all though.. just don't quit forever. lol

  3. I love you dearly, but I'm totes living in Taylor's world. fist pump. Ditching the blog can be really good. I haven't written on mine in ages, as you know, but my journal is chock full of then nitty gritty. Don't be a stranger cuz.

  4. NO SHUTTING YOUR BLOG DOWN ALLOWED. I read it every time you post! On a different note....isn't the church great? I was thinking about that this Sunday, about how every week I feel like a part of the lesson is directed right at me and sometimes the whole thing is! I love the reminder to be a little better. Also, let's double soon please.

    xo, kiely

  5. If you DO take a break from blogging you will be so missed!!!

  6. okay it's official, i gotta start watching "the newsroom" and your whole bullet point about leslie knope being the greatest besides hermione further solidifies our friendship.
    also, taking a break from the blog is fine whatever, but i'll miss reading it like whoa. but you do you, girl.

  7. It truly does not get better than Hermione and Leslie Knope #amentothat. Hahah and I totally lol'ed at the IT guy story. Sometimes people say things without fully thinking, I swear...

  8. I love your sassy-ness! Way to tell off that IT guy, haha! And I have not commented in a great while, but I definitely have still been reading your blog and would be sad if you took a break, but I totally understand if you do! I've pretty much stopped posting the past couple months because I felt similarly. Sometimes it's just nice to step away from that for a while and focus on what's right in front of you. And I definitely have been neglecting my personal journal because of my blog! I'm just like if I posted it online why do I need to write it down in my journal?? But it's more important to document in a journal I think, but obviously I don't practice what I preach so yeah. Anyway, you're awesome.


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