utah so far.

everything has fallen into place pretty comfortably for us since moving back to the behive state - we settled into a little two bedroom that, although it can't compare to our SF digs, is significantly better than our last provo apartment. we both got the academic overrides needed to graduate this semester, and my old job called and offered me my old desk back - the summer receptionist quit pretty much the same day we moved back. everything just kind of meandered into it's correct spot so that life could crawl forward without a hitch. everything has been peaceful and cozy, i have no complaints.

the first weekend back was spent up in logan and brigham city with family. after a summer apart, it was so nice to be together again! we failed at the family selfie, but our sibling selfie ended up on point.

i love them.

one of the BEST parts about having ashlyn living near is that at she will pick up the slack for jordan as far as "girly activities" are concerned. example number one, yoga at the SLC library. (poor jordan despises yoga, haha)

we finally made it to "bloods lake" one afternoon. once we reached the lake, we ended up being the only ones there. we sat on a log and soaked up the silence - our life is rarely quiet and it felt s'dang good to be in the middle of nowhere, even if it was only for like 20 minutes.

we made it to the payson temple, & it was just as glorious as everyone said it would be.

other adventures we have enjoyed:

finding rooftop views like this one

hitting up swiss days for some sick food and cute shopping

driving up provo canyon every free second we get 

taking sunday walks up our block to the temple

eating all the utah valley food

 and kissing on tandem bikes

utah, thanks for the cushy welcome.


  1. All of those different views! Where is the heart eye emoji when you need it?.. My goodness Utah is a stunning state.

  2. All of your pictures are seriously dreamy. Welcome back!

  3. That pizzzaaaa!! I'm a sucker for anything basil and that looks AMAZING! Also, blood lake?? Where is that? Those pictures are stunning. Welcome back to Utah xxx

  4. Looks like Utah has been welcoming you back pretty well! Isn't the Payson Temple just gorgeous?! Those stained glass windows are to die for.


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