happy list 14.

+ i spent an hour chatting with ashlyn at school & when she got up to leave, she put her hand on my shoulder and said, "i just LOVE you!" and then walked away. it was the sweetest.

+ the portion sizes at black bear diner. the bear claw french toast. the biscuits and gravy. (we ordered thinking that we would have massive amounts of leftovers....instead we ate almost all of it.)

+ re-watching all the star wars movies in preparation for the new movie!

+ when your girlfriends third wheel it to the movies with you + your husband.

+ our friend spencer introduced me to new friends as "the nicest person you will ever meet, seriously she will make you feel like you're her best friend."

+ a VM from jordan where he casually mentions that i'm "the best wife any man could ask for." (i'm not, but it was nice of him to say.)

+ my phone died last night while i was sleeping, so my alarm never went off. but! jordan miraculously forgot to turn off his 7am alarm so i wasn't horrendously late, my boss was super chill about it, and i got a nice 8 hours because of it. ;)

+ hot chocolate from a coco motion.

+ putting together our halloween costume (!!) and having j be more invested in it than usual.

+ when your pre-workout kicks in and you get all tingly and then start to rip through your workout like a monster. #toolbag

+ tea tree scalp mask that makes my head tingle so much it feels like it's on fire (in a good way.)

+ zquil. (basically nyquil without the cough medicine.)

+ cold, cozy, crisp mornings!!!

+ reese's pumpkins.

+ it's almost november. which means i can rip off my halloween costume at the stroke of midnight on saturday and start singing christmas songs!!! IT'S ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS YOU GUUUUYS!


  1. Haha! The last the one! My husband is the same way.

  2. LOVE this list!!! Especially the last one on the holidays :)

  3. this is the best list, it made me happy just reading it! you have so many people who love you in your life & that's just how it should be! i'm excited to see what your costumes are!

  4. "the nicest person you will ever meet, seriously she will make you feel like you're her best friend." THIS IS THE TRUEST THING. You have a serious gift of making people feel comfortable and included. Everyone should have a Kayla in their life.



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