madison's wedding week!

are these underwear not hilarious

i threw madi a little bachelorette party at pizzeria 712 the weekend before her wedding. we kept the guest list small and just shared intimate *cough* stories and gave her some *fancy* pajamas. (thanks to B for coining that term.) it was the coziest little girl's night and holy MOTHER provo bakery makes a good white cake! but seriously, it was divine. (& sorry to the girls who left before the group photo!)

madi got married the following thursday, on a perfectly crisp, sunny fall morning. most of our girlfriends were able to make it, the food was incredible, and the day was, all around, just the happiest. love is the best!!! (and donuts trail closely behind. check out the donut display below!)

smothering madi as she came out of the temple, madi is like....kayla could ya not.

provo bakery, you've done it again! LOOK AT THAT.

 my squad, they are the greatest. 


  1. Wait so did she wear that sweater as part of her wedding dress the whole time or was she just wearing it because it was cold?

  2. Cute!! You look so gorgeous, and those balloons and those signs are so cute!!

  3. Wait, we have talked about that we both know Ashley Gould? Errr Hawkins now, but I know her as just Gould. haha also when can I redo my wedding with donuts!?


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