white girl-ing.

just checking in to say hello, we are still here. still here and busy and loving all of the coziness that comes with fall. i've cracked out louis armstrong's "cool yule" a few times already (don't hate me, christmas music gives me a nice pick me up year round) i have been thoroughly enjoying the cold, crisp mornings around here, and orange spice tea has been on repeat.

sunday after church we drove up to snowbird and rode the aerial tram with our neighbors. last time we went, the mountains were snow-capped, but this time the rock was exposed and it looked like a scene out of lord of the rings. it was vast and cold and gorgeous. (the drive up was littered with bright yellow among the dark pine, which is the dreeeeeamist!) 

we were talking about that quote from p&p, "what are men to rocks and mountains?" and scott, the husband of the couple we were with, said "oh yeah! mr percy says that! i mean, lord darcy?" i laughed so hard. 

forgive these heinous photos - but this night was so snug and cozy it is worth documenting! we made grilled cheese (with our friend garrett's homemade bread, have mercy) and tomato soup with the windows open so that the smell and sound of rain could drift in. after dinner we carved pumpkins and watched the walking dead (of which i am not a huge fan, but it was very halloween-ey) and it was all just fall perfection.

obviously we went to a pumpkin patch, and obviously we took pictures. 

i bought jordan byu tickets for his birthday, but when the day rolled around we had some friends offer us better seats.  my "caring about football" threshold usually expires around halftime, so i was glad to have a girl to chat through the second half with. i've waited all semester for that cougar tail and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT ME. 

and here's a few pictures of pretty fall colors, because i'm sure you haven't seen enough on your instagram feed! over & out.


  1. I love that you guys LIVE each season and do so much. I need to incorporate some more K&J go-go-go in our life.

  2. Where is that last photo taken?? So pretty! ^TRUTH, you guys live it up!

  3. Being a white gurl in the fall is the best time to be a white girl


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