halloweenie weekend.

sometimes i'm a little guilty of overlooking halloween as a the last roadblock on our way to the holiday season. but this year i tried to get sufficiently excited and keep my candy intake at a non-bloating level - it turned out great!

we had two friends throw two parties (one friday, one saturday, that worked out miraculously for us) and they were both smashing successes!

our friends kristin and garrett had us come over and help set up before their party started, and eventually they went & changed into their costumes. when they walked out, i could NOT stop laughing. 

garrett dressed up as forrest gump, complete with his pants hiked up real high, sneakers, and a box of russel stover chocolates in hand. 

kristen waddled out on her knees as lieutenant dan with an eye-liner drawn mustache. (her hair is the same length as the actually character's hair, it was perfect.) 

they won best costume award in my book. 

after checking literally a dozen stores for plastic fangs, we had to settle for hillbilly play teeth in our donuts. i think they turned out pretty cute.

on friday, i bounced a little early from party #1 to attend the last hour of madi's wedding reception aka 90's dance party. 

YOU GUYS. i forgot how much i miss dancing! 

i drank a five hour energy previous to walking in, and so for the first half an hour i was just going nuts, completely covered in sweat. probably dancing like a total maniac. 

i dread seeing the reception video eventually (my dancing feels cool, but it definitely does not look cool) but my girls + a dance floor is such a good time. 

and it should be noted that on sunday, we had absolutely nothing to do. nothing! (besides church and home teaching for jordan.) 

does anyone else feel like sunday sneakily becomes their busiest day of the week? 

between family dinner and church assignments and friend get togethers our sundays are sometimes exhausting. 

but on this day, we took a long nap, went on a few walks, i made jordan watch father of the bride with me (he didn't like it......wth...) and we even made ourselves breakfast for dinner. it was relaxing + rejuvenating, and a perfect way to end a weekend of partying. 


  1. Your couple's costume is the best! You guys are so cute.

  2. those donuts are pretttttttty cute, & your costumes are spot on! i don't know how you can look at halloween as a road block! that's more like thanksgiving for me, i know, super unpatriotic. but i adore halloween & thanksgiving is never exciting for me.. haha


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