moab 2015.

after talking about it for months, we finally got our butts down to moab! (FIRST TIME for me!) the original plan was camping, but when we found out the temperatures were going to dip below 20 each night, we quickly said NOOOOOPE & booked a hotel. shoutout to the baldwins for coming with, even though you just went a month ago. i'm so glad you did!

we hiked delicate arch on saturday (hello, what a view) and then sunday, adventured around fiery furnace. although delicate arch was incredible, fiery furnace took the cake. it felt like being on another planet. we  saw like, 4 other humans while inside the park, and it felt like we were charting mars, just the six of us. the park is full of arches and rock formations, and without any designated trails, you pretty much just treat it as a red-rock corn maze, wandering in and hoping you can find your way out. it is so cool. i wish the cool-factor translated to pictures, but everyone just needs to go see it for themselves!

a few memories worth mentioning:

+ the boys kept running off to climb rocks and dubbed themselves "adventure squad." when the girls charted the way, alex said, "we're the girl adventure squad! G-A-S." and then we all started laughing. 

+ on the drive down, there was a massive coke-spilling incident that ended up in diet coke being flung about the entire front seat. jordan and i just sat in the back, laughing so hard we were crying, while dillon and alex tried to decide who's fault it was. so hilarious.

+ jumping on the hotel beds and abusing snapchat's new "speed up and slow down" video feature by singing songs to ourselves. 

+ how good our saturday night pizza was after waiting over an hour for it. 

+ getting a picture from boy alex (there's a boy alex and a girl alex in this group) the day after we got home. it's of jordan, from behind, straddling a crevis and peeing into it. i'm embarrassed to even admit this, but i cracked up. boys will be boys. (you're welcome for not sharing that photo here.)

now here's a million photos. (also, i have no idea why i thought it was cool to make peace signs in so many of these pictures? my bad.)

i wish i knew what was happening here. 

my girl adventure squad.

a few crevice group selfies, courtesy of the long-armed husbands. 

just a few test shots for our album cover. (i'll spare you our attempts at coming up with a band name, they were pretty cheesy.)


  1. Looks like you had way too much fun! I've been wanting to go to Moab for years now and just haven't made it yet. But this pictures just convinced me that I need to make it more of a priority! haha

  2. You must be asian at heart with all those peace signs ;) Also, I love how you just picked a few memorable/favorite moments to share. I'm a total scrapbooker and I recently realized that so many of my pages say "We did X and it was so fun!" So lately I've been switching it up to talk about a favorite moment or two from the event :)

    Also, when I posted about Yosemite the other day, I knew you would be the first to comment on it! Haha I love how much you love rocks and nature :)

  3. I just love Moab! Looks like such a fun time!


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