thankful list #1

last week, jordan and i had this long discussion about how lucky we have been in our lives. there were many examples to prove this point - how we stumbled upon each other without really looking, fell in love, and have a wonderful life together. how jordan decided to do banking last minute, got an offer, and ended up on a career path that is exactly what he wants. how we were blessed with scholarships that helped us finacially, and have always found good employment. how there have been no major tragedies recently in our lives, and how we have always been blessed with good friends and a fulfilling social life.

we have had our fair share of trials, do not get me wrong. i never mean to come off like my life is perfect. is SO is not. but there is a lot of good happening in my life and not enough recognition from me. when i take a second to think about it - is this all really fair?? am i appreciating it all enough? i voted no, viola! november is thankful month, so i decided to mend my ungrateful heart and really push myself to ponder my blessings, and seek them out from places less traditional. a lot of these thankful points will be personal and i will keep those to myself, but i wanted to share a few each tuesday this month - and encourage anyone else who feels the need to participate!

so here we go, installation one of thankful tuesday:

+ obviously jordan has to come first, because what would my life even be without my husband?? i am so grateful for him that i am often driven to tears in my personal prayers when i thank heavenly father for letting me have him. i am thankful that he is so loyal & that the real things are what matter most to him. i am thankful that he never settles & is always expecting more out of himself and our life together. i am thankful that he takes his priesthood role seriously, and i am thankful that he approaches his role as husband with a sacredness and dedication that i totally don't deserve. he is my whole world and my greatest gift.

+ i am grateful for my mental heath. after seeing so many dear friends and family members bravely battle depression (and do so with a measure of grace and determination that astounds me) i am grateful for the ability to bounce back from my down days. i am grateful, at this time in my life, to see things as they are and to always have the good outweigh the bad.

+ i am grateful that i haven't lost my child-like, completely over the top excitement for the holidays and the magic they hold. i am grateful i still get butterflies before putting up the christmas tree or seeing the nutcracker. i am grateful that i still tear up every time i hear "have yourself a merry little christmas." the christmas parties that happens inside my head bring me so much joy!

+ i am thankful for a love of being active, and for a body that allows me to push it and beat it up a little at the gym. i double whammied myself on saturday (a full spin class followed directly by a full power pump class) and although i was creaky and achy all day sunday, i was so aware of my body and the lengths to which it can go. (don't worry, i rewarded my hard workouts with in n out.)

+ I AM SO GRATEFUL MY SISTER LIVES IN PROVO. we have the best time together. that girl does my soul good.

+ i am thankful for my bed. the last few nights as i sink into my memory foam and pop one leg up for my flamingo-style sleeping position, i have had the thought enter my head that, not everyone has this. not everyone has a warm sanctuary to sleep in on a cold night. not everyone has a soft mattress and a giant comforter to tuck under their chin as they fall asleep. and i am grateful that i do!

+ i am grateful that gossip girl is on netflix, and i am grateful for illegal websites where i can download the mindy project.

+ cheese. cheese plates. macaroni and cheese. grilled cheese. mozerella cheese. cheddar cheese. pepper jack cheese.

+ i am thankful for spellcheck. (but never auto-correct!)

+ i am grateful for harry potter - it has brought me friends, taught me life lessons, and i love always having a favorite series to come back to in-between other literary ventures. cracking open one of those books or turning on a movie feels like coming home.  #HP4LYFE

+ i am grateful for professors who, although they drive me crazy with some of their left-wing agendas, challenge me and make me question everything i have ever thought to be true. i am thankful for the ways in which i am pushed to be a more critical thinker.

+ i am grateful that i feel so heart-broken at the thought of leaving provo. i am so blessed to have so many incredible, perfect people here that will make leaving SO freakin hard.


  1. I'm thankful that pretty soon you will be in Boise, and that we can hang out basically all the time. Because even though Jordan is obviously your soul mate (and you have plenty of other girlfriends before me), I feel like we are the same. HP, Christmas, food, tv all just makes me so happy!

  2. so I am at work reading this and had a literal "lol" moment reading "+ i am grateful that gossip girl is on netflix, and i am grateful for illegal websites where i can download the mindy project."

    your whole list is just great! thank you for sharing :)

    ps - I totally fan girl on your blog (amongst others ... but especially yours)

  3. I can't even remember how I found your blog a few months ago, but I have loved following along! And I have to tell you this list speaks to my heart - husband, holidays, Harry Potter, cheese, and I definitely broke down and bought a Hulu subscription just to watch The Mindy Project. and Seinfeld. Oh, and heart-broken at leaving Provo! I never thought I would be so sad about it. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for it, too.

  4. hahaha, yes. illegal websites to watch our favorite shows is high on my thankful list. ;) love your blog! i just discovered it tonight. following a long. <3


  5. first off: that tree/bush behind you is off the charts. next, i love the lists you come up with. it's such a good & easy way to look at all the good in life, your posts always make me happy!

  6. this is a beautiful list. your optimism is contagious! :D


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